WARNING: Be Aware of This Sexy Scam

WARNING: Be Aware of This Sexy Scam

With times changing rapidly, the dishonest among us have no shortage of scams and deceptions at their disposal.  This is the latest.

Here’s how it works:

While you are shopping at a supermarket, convenience store, gas station, etc., you’re approached by an extremely hot girl with a superb body. She asks if you would like to see more of it, so naturally, you say yes. Then she flashes her marvelous tits, (and if you’re lucky, more than that,) while you stand there, your eyes bugged out, not believing your incredible good luck. Here’s the deception. While you’re getting a free show from this sexy scammer, her boyfriend sneaks behind you, quietly, and not only pickpockets you, removing your wallet and phone, but also your wrist watch.

I’ve been robbed 3 times by these scammers and lost hundreds in the process.

They were last scene in Florida, but could be anywhere in the country by now.



Daisy’s Topless Monday 5/4/2020

Daisy’s Topless Again

I’m offering 1000 apologies for being late with Daisy’s Topless Monday. It’s 9:02PM, EST where I live and I’ve had one of those days. I hope you forgive me, but if you don’t, go fuck yourselves and look at free Daisy tits, anyway.

Join us again next week for Daisy’s Topless Monday

Daisy’s Topless Monday 4-27-2020

Topless Monday 4-27-2020

Can you believe another new week is upon us? We’re still experiencing a pandemic but Daisy’s  is showing off her magnificent boobs and  making the world a better place. Join us next Monday for another peek at Daisy’s peaks, right here on Prettywasted.com

Ouija Board Boobies

Ouija Daisy
Boobies compliments of Mother Nature

Quija Board Boobies

We clearly asked Daisy not to fuck around with the Ouija Board and now we’re dealing with Corona Virus. I’m not saying it’s her fault, but it could be.  To make up for it, she rolled up her Ouija Board shirt and displayed her awesome tits for us. More Daisy soon!