Chanel West Coast Booby Slip

Chanel West Coast Wardrobe Malfunction

I know it’s difficult being out of work. It’s even worse if you’re stuck at home with nothing to do. One tends to go a little crazy. Remember Jack Nicholson in The Shining? Fortunately there are celebs like the beautiful Chanel West Coast making videos and posting them to their social media for our enjoyment. Apparently a video she uploaded to her Triller, showed a little more than she intended-maybe. I think it was done on purpose, but that’s just me.

This isn’t the actual video. It’s a slowed down clip from the video that shows Chanel’s wardrobe malfunction. And whether it was intentional, or not, thank you Chanel West Coast for the special treat.

Chanel West Coast Dancing in an Orange Bikini

Chanel West Coast makes the end of the world even hotter.

Chanel West Coast Dancing in an Orange Bikini

Props to Chanel West Coast.  It’s so freaking awesome that she’s dancing around her bedroom in an orange bikini while the world outside is imploding. We need more video Chanel. Please? If the world is going to end this is the way I want to go out.

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