Arsenic Arson is Sexy as Hell

Arsenic Arson is Sexy as Hell
Arsenic Arson is Sexy as Hell and she’s back on Pretty Wasted.

Arsenic Arson Returns to PW

I’m so fucking happy. Florida’s Arsenic Arson is back on Pretty Wasted. She had taken a long hiatus from modeling, but now in quarantine, (and since she can’t go to Disney World,) she snapped a few pics for us. They’re coming soon. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it for the rest of my life. Arsenic Arson is sexy as hell.

Daisy is Back on Prettywasted

Daisy Boobies

Daisy Returns to

Great news! In the midst of worldwide panic and desperation, Daisy has returned to us here on to spread a little cheer into your lives. A long time favorite on this site, Daisy and her stunning boobs are well known to our visitors. Over the next few weeks, I’ll be bringing back some classic topless Daisy and then we’ll see if we can get her to lift her shirt again! Fingers crossed.

Oh, someone remind me about the creepy bunny. Coming Soon on PW!