Topless Tuesday with Daisy

Daisy Topless Tuesday
Daisy just can’t seem to keep her tits covered, That’s a good thing.

Topless Tuesday with Daisy

I know what you’re asking. If you’re anything like BoobyLover119@*******.com who emailed me on Monday, you’re wondering WTF is going on with Daisy’s Topless Monday.

Topless Monday is now Topless Tuesday-It’s the NEW Normal

First, if you’re in the U.S.A, you’ll know yesterday was a holiday, so Topless Monday was delayed by 24 hours. Second? We’re moving Topless Monday to Tuesdays, since we’re getting more searches for TT from our readers. Confused? Don’t be. I’m sure you’ll figure it all out

See you next Tuesday!

This Old Man Screwed My Girlfriend

This Old Man Screwed My Girlfriend

You’re not gonna believe this shit! I cheated on my girlfriend, so she got her revenge by fucking some old guy she met at work. Can you fucking believe that? Then she sends me the video and she’s giving me the finger at the end. After I get out of work today, I’m going to go to her house and bang her mom. Fuck her!

Actually, I’m just kidding. I have no idea who that is in the video. A friend sent it to me. But the story is pretty believable. Don’t you think?

Topless Monday Moves to Tuesdays

Daisy’s Bellybutton. Could there be Bottomless Fridays in our future?

Topless Mondays are now on Tuesday

You don’t have to blame COVID-19 for the decision to move Daisy’s Topless Monday to Tuesdays. I did it this week., because of the holiday in the USA. This week Daisy will be permanently moving to Tuesdays, because we’re getting increasing amounts of web searches for Daisy Topless Tuesday on our site and we want to give her fans what they want. Ever since Tumblr, (before they fucked it up,) Tuesdays have become Titty day.

I know it’s difficult, but hang in there for another 24 hours. We know you can do it.