Topless in the Snow

Topless in the Snow

In New England, (especially Maine), the good folks who live there often endure heavy snowfall, blizzard conditions, and brutal fucking cold. Being stuck inside the house for many days can easily lead to cabin fever and when that hits, you either have to leave the house or go batshit crazy in your living room prison cell.

Daisy was hit hard with the fever a couple of days ago, burst through her front door and out into the deep woods of Maine, wearing nothing but boots and panties. Luckily she had a camera with her and Pretty Wasted was lucky enough to see the results.

We don’t recommend anyone do this, of course, because if you’re not used to the cold, you can end up like Jack did in The Shining.

Thank you, Daisy, for being so creative and seriously fucking crazy.


daisy-topless cabin fever

daisy topless and snowbound

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