Top Ten Asses Summer (2017)

Hottest Ass I’ve Seen All Summer

What have you been doing all summer? Working? Getting stoned? Sleeping on the beach? Lucky thing you’ve got me to look around and bring you the best ass you will see all summer. You may not agree with me on all of them, (which is of course, your choice), but you’d be wrong. Enjoy, everyone!

Hot Ass 2017

Best Ass 2017-2

Hot Asses-2017-3

Hottest Asses 2017-4

Hottest Asses 2017-5

Hottest Asses 2017-5

Hottest Asses 2017-6

Hottest Asses 2017-8

Hottest Asses 2017-9

Hottest Asses 2017-10

What do you think? Let me know. Check back for Summer Ass Updates, soon.

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  1. I loved all of them but #5. Otherwise great choices.


  2. Came here from the banana group. Nice site. Gorgeous asses.


  3. My favorite is the second one. Then the first. Who doesn’t love ass? Post some more, dude.


  4. The 10TH one has bumps and pimples. EWWWW!


  5. I love them all, but that first one is the best ass I’ve seen in a long time.


  6. Seriously? Pimples and bumps? Are you fucking delusional? Every ass gets pimples and bumps.I know mine does. She could have photoshopped them out, but she chose not to. I think that’s rather progressive of her.

    Go and look at your ass in the mirror, dick.


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