Krystal Ann, (aka: the HOLY SHIT! Girl), has been on our radar for the past several weeks. , I don’t see her disappearing from this list anytime soon. She’s hotter than Key West in the summer.


Sarah Quill has got that “bad girl” thing going on. There are a million models who try, but just can’t pull off this look. Millions attempt it and millions fail. Sarah Quill has got it going on.


Model Life (we don’t eve have her name) is new on our radar this week. Her Facebook profile is not photo intensive at this point, but I predict good things to come for this woman. If you’re reading this, ML, send us some selfies.


Nikki is awesome. Love her pics. Always interesting and always fun. And she’s smoking fucking hot in a bikini, too.


Christina Lucci’s pics are shared more than a toilet seat at Walmart. I love when she takes a break from her usual sexy “Girl Next Door” type pics and surprises us with a bad girl shot.


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