The Ultimate Luna Collection-Part One

The Ultimate Luna Collection

Pennsylvania born and raised, Luna, AKA: Luna the Great Moon Goddess has been modeling since the days when one needed film to take a photograph. Since the mid 1980’s, this long-haired, sexy, hottie has appeared in countless magazines, print publications, advertisements and websites.

I first came upon the model in 2006, while running a popular website at the time, Deadbabes. Luna was an instant hitmaker for the site and soon followed me here to Prettywasted.com, where we’ve been friends ever since.

Luna has placed hundreds of photos online at Flickr, for her countless fans and friends. There is no charge for access. Luna LOVES her fans and goes above and beyond their expections in front of the camera.

I’m hoping to soon provide a members only option, so you we can also see Luna wearing lots less clothing.


Buy her something for the holidays and you will receive FREE photos of her wearing/using your gift, directly to your inbox.


Luna the Great Moon Goddess Vinyl Suit

Luna Easter Peeps

luna wearing a bikini

Luna Outside Underboob

Luna Fishnets and Heels


Naked Luna

Luna Handbra and Underwear

Luna Chocolate Syrup Boobs

Luna's Naked Ass

luna red vinyl

Luna River Handbra

Luna Skinnydipping

Luna Naked in Bed

Luna Naked in Bed 2

Luna Handbra Rifle

luna the great moon goddess naked 1

Luna Hand Bra Tree


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  1. To answer your questions:

    1.) Billy, this is not the same site as before. It’s better.

    2.) Rock Cutter. That is definitely Luna the Great Moon Goddess.

    Enjoy the website, guys.

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