Daisy’s Topless Monday 4-2-18

Daisy’s Topless Monday 4-2-18   Guess who’s topless? You’re right! It’s our own Daisy, letting the boobies breathe on a Monday morning, in one of my favorite Topless Monday pics, ever. At Prettywasted.com, you don’t have to wait until Tuesday for the titties. Daisy’s got your back…with her front. Join us each Monday for MORE Daisy.


Daisy’s ALMOST Topless Tuesday

Daisy’s Topless Tuesday Photo Shoot Delayed by Asshole Neighbors That’s our girl, Daisy with a comforter surrounding her about to take some naked pics in the snow. (Yes! She’s 100% naked under that, with the exception of some boots, I imagine) Wouldn’t you just know her asshole neighbors were home and outside and she couldn’t even show a nipple? “They’d call the cops,” Daisy told […]


Daisy’s Topless Monday March 12, 2018

Daisy’s Topless Monday March 12,2018 This is without a doubt, my new favorite Topless Monday pic from Daisy. She’s  become the top traffic feature every Monday for her willingness to lift her top and show off her awesome boobs to our visitors. Chances are, you’re never going to see them in person, (although I remain hopeful), so this is your only option. Join us here every […]


Daisy’s Kinky Topless Monday 3-5-18

Daisy’s Topless Monday: Kinky Edition OMG! This edition of Daisy’s Topless Monday nearly knocked me on my ass.  I had no idea ball gags came with attached nipple clamps. But they do, and our Daisy happens to own one. How fucking cool is that? It makes me wonder what else she has in that secret spot in her bedroom. Thank you, Daisy, for another AWESOME Topless […]


Happy Hot Naked Valentines Day!

Michelle’s Happy Hot Naked Valentines Day! I love when our Michelle gets in front of the camera these days and lets herself go. The results are always HOT! These are my new favorite Michelle pics. Everything from the dark red lingerie to the red eyeshadow, screams SEX! (But then again, all her photos scream that.) One thing I didn’t know until today, is that bananas […]


Hottest Topless NSFW Links

Best Topless NSFW Links Naked Pizza Delivery The Open Jacket Topless Selfie Naked Tattooed Selfie Bikini Beach Booty Is that a line on her ass? Thongtastic Boobies for the Neighbors Boobie on the Loose Topless at Lunch I’m Guessing Spring Break in Mexico Damn! I wouldn’t be able to get all those knots out. Quick Flash selfie at Work The Guy in the White T-Shirt […]


20 HOT Nude in Public, Topless and Great Ass Links

Michelle  on the phone with a fan. 20 HOT Nude in Public, Topless and Ass Links Hot Tub Ass 44-year-old classic nipples I’d smash that Dressed and suddenly Naked OMG! Pierced Boobies and a Smile 5 Amazing Sets of Tits That Airplane Must Have Hit Some Turbulence  National Weather Service Prediction Vagina Chicken Welcome to Naked Airlines BOING! I wish they had these at Dunkin’ […]


Pretty Wasted Drunk Girl Fights, Disasters and Craziness

Pretty Wasted Drunk Girl Fights, Disasters and Craziness Instant Drunken Regret Drunk Girl Pees Inside Her Shoe Crazy Fucked Up Drunk Girl VoiceMail Drunk Girl Gets a Trash Bin Lid Stuck on her Head Crazy Pretty Wasted Hottie Freaks Out on Uber Driver Pretty Wasted Drunk Girl Ruins a Wedding Drunk Girl Starting a Fistfight Drunk Girl Crashes on a Couch in the Wrong House […]


Hottest Topless and Bottomless Links to Start 2018

Hottest Topless and Bottomless Links to Start 2018 Pretty Wasted is starting off 2018 with a BANG! Check out our first selection of topless and bottomless links to start your 2018 the right way. Gillian Barnes Did Not Expect This Strappy Yoga Pants Booty Is My Shirt Open? At the Branch Office Check Out My Guns Naked Hippy at the Beach All Thongs 50% Off […]


Daisy’s Topless Monday 12/18/17

Daisy’s Topless Monday Look for Daisy’s Topless Monday Only on Prettywasted.com Yeah, I know I’m late with Topless Monday, but at least you’re getting one. The other sites make you wait for Tuesday. Note: Daisy’s Topless Monday We’re giving Daisy, the Holidays off. Daisy’s Topless Monday returns on January 8, 2018


20 HOT Pretty Wasted Boobs and Ass Links

(Pictured: Luna the Great Moon Goddess) Boobies and Thigh Naked Hottie in the Hallway Bubble Butt Panties at Work Cheeky I’d Give her a Scooby Snack She’s Gonna Give Herself a Concussion Daisy’s Ass Holy Shit You Could Bounce a Quarter Off of this Booty Ta-Dah I Hate to See Her Go, but I Love tp Warch Her Leave Peace Here’s Your Tip, Pizza Boy […]


Daisy’s Topless Monday 12/4/17

Daisy’s Topless Monday 12/4/17 What’s Better Than Topless Monday? Topless and Bottomless Monday, of course. I was lucky enough to acquire this photo directly from the source. Three cheers for Daisy in her first ever Topless?Bottomless Monday. Come back next Monday for MORE Topless Monday with Daisy.    


Daisy’s Topless Monday 11-27-17

  Daisy’s Topless Monday We get it. You want MORE Topless Daisy. Who doesn’t? Well according to her choker, she’s definitely on Santa’s Naughty List this year and she’s promised more boobs in the coming year. Naughty girls are naughty, but they don’t tell lies. That’s why I want you to expect 2018 to be the Year of the Booby-not only from Daisy but from […]


Forums are Now Open

Check Out the PrettyWasted Forums The Prettywasted.com Forums are now open for your use. Upload funny pics, hot girls, share a joke, or stalk one of the Prettywasted.com Model forums. It’s FREE and requires no registration. However, you are responsible for what you upload to the site. 18+ ONLY!   Prettywasted Forums


20 Hottest, Sexiest Links to Start Off Your Week

20 HOTTEST Links to Start Your Week With Smoke Me Out then Eat Me Out Nothing but Net Take the Plunge Penis Boobs Eat My Ass Give me Head This Guy Gives Zero Fucks Taco Bell Customer of the Year Kiss me, Girlfriend Out on the Boob Deck 35 Mug Shot Hotties This Filthy Fuck Sausage Party Don’t Fuck With Chuck Even the Used Ones […]


Daisy’s Topless Monday 10-23-17

Daisy’s Topless Monday   I don’t know what I would do without Daisy’s Topless Mondays, Definitely the two hottest things to hit the internet in a long time. This week Daisy takes us outside into the deep woods of Maine, lifts her shirts and reveals the goods to her fans. Gotta love her. She is a Prettywasted.com favorite. Come back every Monday for MORE of […]


Daisy’s Topless Monday 10-16-17

Daisy’s Topless Monday for 10/16/17 It’s no secret Monday’s suck. It doesn’t matter if you’re going to work or school, Mondays are without a doubt the worst day of the week. On top of sucking, the internet 100% blows on Mondays. Why? Because internet models keep us waiting for Tuesday to go topless. How cruel is that? Our friend Daisy wants to make your Mondays […]


Daisy’s Topless Monday 10-9-17

Daisy’s Topless Monday (Because Not all of Us Can Wait Until Tuesday)   Daisy’s Topless Monday Starts Today! Who says you have to wait until Tuesday to go topless? Not Daisy, that’s for sure. In our opinion, this buxom Maine model should be topless 24/7. That’s why we’ve decided to start a regular Monday series on Prettywasted.com, called Daisy’s Topless Monday. Each Monday, we’ll publish an […]

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Michelle Gets Topless

  Michelle Gets Topless for Her Fans What a fantastic weekend! Not only did my New England Patriots bounce back and win the Superbowl over the Atlanta Falcons, but our own Michelle just released her very first TOPLESS ) and nearly NAKED set of photos. This is the first time in her 10 years of modeling that we’ve seen the “girls” and we couldn’t be […]

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