5 Michelle Pics that Guarantee You’ll Have a Hard Day at Work

5 Michelle Pics Guaranteed to Make it Hard for you to Get Out of Bed this Morning With just 4 models on this website, I’m asked about them quite often. Whether I’m with my friends or answering emails from fans of the site, people ALWAYS want to know more about the girls. Truth be told, although I’ve had business relationships with the models on this […]


Miley Cyrus Completely Naked

Miley Cyrus Completely Naked This is a photo of Miley Cyrus Completely Naked, (supposedly), taken tonight before the VMA (Video Music Awards) Miley Cyrus Nude I know Miley Cyrus gets hated on by a great many of you. Not on this site, she doesn’t. In fact, if you have any negative feelings for Miley Cyrus Completely Naked, (or 100% dressed), please click here. You are […]


15 Pics of Women Enjoying Corndogs

Women Enjoying Corndogs You may not believe it, but I have only eaten one corn dog in my life and it wasn’t hot and fresh from a carnival vendor or county fair. It was from a box of 6, I picked up frozen at the supermarket. Not an enjoyable experience for me, but some people absolutely love them-like the 16 women pictured below. Enjoy!  


Hottest Ever NSFW Links

  Hot, Sexy, Funny Links   Fuck Your Business and Your Car That Husky Should Have Been a Boxer OMG MORE OMG Hey, Asshole! My Eyes Are Up Here Hypnotizing Boobies The Leaning Tower of People Boobies and Black Leather Wonder Woman Has Amazing Powers It May Be Winter, but Spring is Busting Out All Over Hey You! Drop Those Things! CAUTION! White Boy Dancing More […]


Daisy’s Topless Monday 12/4/17

Daisy’s Topless Monday 12/4/17 What’s Better Than Topless Monday? Topless and Bottomless Monday, of course. I was lucky enough to acquire this photo directly from the source. Three cheers for Daisy in her first ever Topless?Bottomless Monday. Come back next Monday for MORE Topless Monday with Daisy.    


Arsenic Arson Loves Pretty Wasted


Daisy’s Topless Monday 10-30-17

Daisy’s Topless Monday Daisy’s Back With Another Topless Monday Go ahead and piss and moan all you want about Mondays. I used to be right there with you and millions of other hard-working men and women from around the world. The GOOD NEWS is, we don’t have to do that anymore. Why? Because Mondays have now improved 100% with Daisy’s Topless Monday. Daisy wanted to do something […]


420 Hottie of the Day-10/13/17



420 Hottie of the Day-10/11/17

  This would make an awesome Halloween Maze. (Model:Unknown)


Top Ten Asses Summer (2017)

Hottest Ass I’ve Seen All Summer What have you been doing all summer? Working? Getting stoned? Sleeping on the beach? Lucky thing you’ve got me to look around and bring you the best ass you will see all summer. You may not agree with me on all of them, (which is of course, your choice), but you’d be wrong. Enjoy, everyone! What do you think? […]

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12 Sexy Hand Bras You HAVE to See Now

12 Sexy Hand Bras You HAVE to See Now As we know, the handbra is really the only acceptable form of toplessness on Facebook and Instagram. It’s ridiculous  have women cover their breasts, when fat old men with bitch tits get to walk around freely and disgust everyone. Unfortunately, that’s the way it is. Here are 12 INCREDIBLE Hand Bra photos you need to see […]

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Top 4 Hottest Facebook Models You Should be Following

Top 5 Facebook Models to Follow Now There are 100 bazillion models on Facebook. Finding the finest to follow can be a long, tedious task. Fortunately, it’s my job to scour the internet and discover the best talent the Facebook modeling world has to offer. Granted, my taste in women may be different than yours, but if you disagree with any of my rankings, go get […]

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Michelle: Home Improvement

  Michelle: Re-Modeling Michelle is in the basement working on her latest project. As always, she made sure to wear the correct clothing for the job. She is available to work on your remodeling  project and doesn’t mind if you take a few photos-as long as you don’t mind her losing her top, (as she does frequently in front of the camera), you will be more […]

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12 Amazingly Hot Bikini Pics You Have to See Now

  12 Killer Bikini Models There’s nothing like a beach or pool area invaded by beautiful women wearing bikinis. It’s entertainment for your eyeballs. Find the hottest bikini pics right here on Prettywasted.com.   MORE Amazing Bikini Models Coming Your Way Soon!

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Hotties Who Forgot Their Bras

12 Hotties Who Forgot Their Bras 12 Hotties who forgot to put their bras on before their picture was taken will be a regular feature at Prettywasted.com. Get your photos published today! Be 18+ and submit your pics here. MORE Braless Hotties Coming Soon

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12 Bikini Pics That Will Knock Out Your Eyeballs

It’s winter where I am, so no one is wearing a bikini. All I can do is surf the net and hope that women in warmer parts of the world are wearing them-like the 12 hot bikini models below. Need MORE Bikini? Check out the Bikini Model Hall of Fame on Facebook Hot Bikini Pics to Take the Chill Out of Your January

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12 HOT New Pics from Costa Rica’s NaTy MeTaL

Alt Model NaTy MeTaL As I write this, the sun is out in Costa Rica and it’s 82F. The reason? Ladies of Metal Model lives there. NaTy MeTaL is also the co-owner of  the Gorgeous Freaks Store with sister and alt model, Yaz.

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