Follow That Patreon: Dolletta Marionette

Support Dolletta Marionette on Patreon If you know of my work as the founder of Deadbabes and the former, you must know I would never steer you wrong when it comes to models. Dolletta Marionette is the real deal. She’s new to Facebook, but has a rapidly growing Instagram following and guess what? She’s not only a hottie, but she’s also really nice, friendly, fun […]


Hot Girls Telling Bad Jokes

There are a gazilion hot girls on planet earth. Unfortunately, there are also as many bad jokes floating around. For some reason, though, a hot girl telling a bad joke makes magic. Enjoy. Hot Girls Make You LOL  


Top 4 Hottest Facebook Models You Should be Following

Top 5 Facebook Models to Follow Now There are 100 bazillion models on Facebook. Finding the finest to follow can be a long, tedious task. Fortunately, it’s my job to scour the internet and discover the best talent the Facebook modeling world has to offer. Granted, my taste in women may be different than yours, but if you disagree with any of my rankings, go get […]

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Top 10 Funniest Suicide Girls Jokes

  Top 10 Funniest Suicide Girls Jokes Suicide Girls used to be a big deal when they first showed up in 2001. Since then, the quality of the models is severely declining. It’s too bad, because I had high hopes for what they would become. I stopped paying attention when they started the whole “Suicide Girls Hopefuls” thing which is absolutely ludicrous. They’re not the website […]

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Why Bras Should be Illegal

10 Reasons Bras Should Be Outlawed I don’t know who invented bras, but I can tell you one thing. It wasn’t a guy. Here are 10 photos that provide absolute proof that bras should be illegal. Check back for MORE braless hotties on soon.

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You Should Be Following Us on Facebook If you follow us on Facebook, you’ll be current on everything we have going on, as well as peeking at some awesome content that we don’t post on the site. It’s a win/win! Click below to follow us on Facebook. Follow us on Facebook today! If you love, your FAN SIGN is welcome on our site. Be […]

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12 Amazingly Hot Bikini Pics You Have to See Now

  12 Killer Bikini Models There’s nothing like a beach or pool area invaded by beautiful women wearing bikinis. It’s entertainment for your eyeballs. Find the hottest bikini pics right here on   MORE Amazing Bikini Models Coming Your Way Soon!

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12 HOT New Pics from Costa Rica’s NaTy MeTaL

Alt Model NaTy MeTaL As I write this, the sun is out in Costa Rica and it’s 82F. The reason? Ladies of Metal Model lives there. NaTy MeTaL is also the co-owner of  the Gorgeous Freaks Store with sister and alt model, Yaz.

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Pretty Wasted’s Hottest Classic Pics: Part One

10 Classic Pretty Wasted Pics You can’t own a website for almost 11 years and not have classic pictures laying around your hard drive. Here is the first set in a continuing series of Pretty Wasted’s favorite photos. Ruby Violence: 2006   Arsenic Arson: 2012   Michelle: 2016   Luna the Great Moon Goddess 2009   Kitty 2009   Ankha 2006   White Trash Beautiful […]

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The Ultimate Luna Collection-Part One

The Ultimate Luna Collection Pennsylvania born and raised, Luna, AKA: Luna the Great Moon Goddess has been modeling since the days when one needed film to take a photograph. Since the mid 1980’s, this long-haired, sexy, hottie has appeared in countless magazines, print publications, advertisements and websites. I first came upon the model in 2006, while running a popular website at the time, Deadbabes. Luna […]

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