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Support Dolletta Marionette on Patreon If you know of my work as the founder of Deadbabes and the former, you must know I would never steer you wrong when it […]

hot girls bad jokes

There are a gazilion hot girls on planet earth. Unfortunately, there are also as many bad jokes floating around. For some reason, though, a hot girl telling a bad joke […]

Suicide Girls Jokes

  Top 10 Funniest Suicide Girls Jokes Suicide Girls used to be a big deal when they first showed up in 2001. Since then, the quality of the models is severely […]

Bras should be Illegal 1

10 Reasons Bras Should Be Outlawed I don’t know who invented bras, but I can tell you one thing. It wasn’t a guy. Here are 10 photos that provide absolute […]

Malicious Envy

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The Ultimate Luna Collection-Part One

The Ultimate Luna Collection Pennsylvania born and raised, Luna, AKA: Luna the Great Moon Goddess has been modeling since the days when one needed film to take a photograph. Since […]