Krystal Ann’s Red, White and Blue Booty

I love the USA. I’m a proud American, especially at this time of year when 242 years ago, we refused to be a bitch to the British, any longer and cut ties with them. American women remain the HOTTEST in the world. Some may argue that point with me, but one look at the HOLY SHIT! Girl’s photo above will quickly defeat your opinion. The […]


Krystal Ann’s Sparkly Bikini

Krystal Ann Returns (Click the pic for video )   The HOLY SHIT! Girl My infatuation with the HOLY SHIT! Girl is well known. Each time my wife scrolls through this site she’ll say something like, “Where’s the HOLY SHIT! Girl? You two didn’t break up, did you?” Ha Ha! Very funny, baby! You should be a comedian. Did you know the HOLY SHIT! Girl […]


Krystal Ann Celebrates Hump Day With Her Amazing Ass

Krystal Ann Celebrates Hump Day with her Amazing Ass. Krystal Ann has been showing up in our “Trending This Hour” section of the website for several weeks now with a photo of her supreme booty she posted on Facebook over a year ago. Nothing unusual about that, considering she’s always been known as the HOLY SHIT! Girl around here. I’m a grown man, but, I’m […]


Hottest Facebook Booty May 2018-Krystal Ann

Hottest Facebook Booty Hottest Facebook Booty , I realize, is subjective. Some people like them big, some like them small and others like them all. I’ve been a HUGE Krystal Ann Fan for well over a year and my fandom for her booty will probably continue until they find me dead of a coronary at my laptop after seeing her latest booty pics. She’s referred to […]


Krystal Ann Owns the Booty of the Week

Krystal Ann: Booty of the Week Do you really not know why I call her the HOLY SHIT! girl? KA is one of my new favorite models for a bunch of reasons. Her booty is just one of them. Follow her today on Facebook and Instagram right now. More Krystal Ann as soon as I recover from this photo. Feature photo shot by: A Sensual Portrait.


Top 5 Facebook Models of the Week-3/24/17

Top 5 Hottest Facebook Models You Should Be Following I am a few days late with the top model list this week. Even though there are a gazillion models on Facebook and Instagram, it’s extremely difficult separating the pros from the wannabees. Is it just me, or does it seem that 8/10 models are going way overboard on the PhotoShop lately? Granted, PS has its place […]

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Top 4 Hottest Facebook Models You Should be Following

Top 5 Facebook Models to Follow Now There are 100 bazillion models on Facebook. Finding the finest to follow can be a long, tedious task. Fortunately, it’s my job to scour the internet and discover the best talent the Facebook modeling world has to offer. Granted, my taste in women may be different than yours, but if you disagree with any of my rankings, go get […]

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Model of the Week: Krystal Ann

Krystal Ann A favorite. Be sure to follow Arizona’s Krystal Ann on Facebook right now. We promise you’ll say, “HOLY SHIT!” every time you see her.   Also, follow A Sensual Portrait, who’s responsible for her killer photos.

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