20 Hottest, Sexiest Links to Start Off Your Week

20 HOTTEST Links to Start Your Week With Smoke Me Out then Eat Me Out Nothing but Net Take the Plunge Penis Boobs Eat My Ass Give me Head This Guy Gives Zero Fucks Taco Bell Customer of the Year Kiss me, Girlfriend Out on the Boob Deck 35 Mug Shot Hotties This Filthy Fuck Sausage Party Don’t Fuck With Chuck Even the Used Ones […]


Hot Girls Telling Bad Jokes

There are a gazilion hot girls on planet earth. Unfortunately, there are also as many bad jokes floating around. For some reason, though, a hot girl telling a bad joke makes magic. Enjoy. Hot Girls Make You LOL  


10 Pics of Hot Girls Giving You the Finger

10 Pics of Hot Girls Giving You the Finger If you’re a guy and another guy gives you the finger, it’s usually, “Fuck you! Game on!” However when a girl gives me the finger, I’m like, “How adorable!” I want to pick them up like a puppy and nuzzle them. (This is not recommended, by the way.) Here are 10 pics of hotties giving you […]

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