Found on Michelle’s Camera

\ FACT: MIchelle always has at least one banana before, (or during),  a photo shoot. Found on Michelle’s Camera Have you ever found cash you left in a pants or jacket pocket, only to find it weeks or even months later? I have. It’s as if someone just handed you money and said, “Enjoy it!” … Read moreFound on Michelle’s Camera

The Deep Throat Banana Challenge

Deep Throat Banana Challenge Check Out These Banana Deep-Throating Hotties There’s something about woman eating bananas that make men crazy. Ok, maybe it’s just me, but that’s ok, too. Check out this video I found on YouTube, called. “The Deep Throat Banana Challenge” Besides being sexy, bananas are delicious, full of potassium and very good … Read moreThe Deep Throat Banana Challenge

5 Michelle Pics that Guarantee You’ll Have a Hard Day at Work

5 Michelle Pics Guaranteed to Make it Hard for you to Get Out of Bed this Morning   With just 4 models on this website, I’m asked about them quite often. Whether I’m with my friends or answering emails from fans of the site, people ALWAYS want to know more about the girls. Truth be … Read more5 Michelle Pics that Guarantee You’ll Have a Hard Day at Work

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