Strawberry Cream: Top 10 Sexy Classic Pics

Strawberry Cream: Top 10 Sexy Classic Pics

Maine’s Strawberry Cream has had an almost cult-like following on Pretty Wasted for the past several years. Whether she’s taking selfies, or pro shots, SC does not disappoint her fans, as evidenced by the photos below.

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Strawberry Cream Classic Pics

strawberry cream 7

strawberry cream 4

strawberry cream pasties

strawberry cream 9

strawberry cream 65

Strawberry Cream 5

strawberry cream 200

strawberry cream 3000

strawberry cream condom

strawberry cream 100

7 responses to “Strawberry Cream: Top 10 Sexy Classic Pics”

  1. gunther says:

    So glad this site is back, but you need nudes.

  2. mike says:


  3. Blunt Smoker says:

    I came from Facebook and was not at all disappointed.Very hot

  4. mashed potatoes says:

    They need more photos of you darling

  5. tuco says:

    What happened to the nudes? I love you btw

  6. Blake says:

    Does she ever respond?

  7. stupidasso says:

    How often does she submit photos?

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