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Stoner Girls vs Drunk Girls

Stoner Girls vs Drunk Girls: Which One is Your Girlfriend?

The war has been going on for thousands of years. Drunk Girls vs Stoner Girls. You’re most likely dating one or the other. Today we compare drunk girls to stoner girls and let you decide who the real champions are.

Round One

Stoner Girls: Netflix and Chill

Drunk Girls: Tequila and Gutter

Winner: Stoner Girls


Round Two

Stoner GIrls: Finds out your mom has back pain and teaches her how to make edibles.

Drunk Girls: Pisses outside in front of your neighbor’s condo.

Winner: Stoner Girls


Round Three


Drunk GIrls: Everyday after work

Stoner Girls: Everyday before work.



Round Four

Drunk Girls: Always smell like alcohol and pee.

Stoner Girls: Always smell like marijuana and fresh baked cookies



Round Five

Stoner Girls: Waiting for you in the tub when you arrive home.

Drunk Girls: Pisses inside your bathtub and sits in it until you get home and help her.

Winner: Stoner Girls



Stoner Girls

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