Six Completely Heart Stopping Topless Pics of Daisy

Daisy Gets Topless

Prettywasted’s Top Pic Contributor Strips Down


My friend Billy is a HUGE fan of topless pics on this website. His wife? Well, she doesn’t like Billy visiting sites like this, because she is somehow intimidated by him seeing topless women. Still, he has already given his official opinions on Luna and Michelle’s pics. I had been waiting for him to get to Daisy, and he was held up, due to being on vacation and had to be extra careful not to get caught writing on his laptop.

He’s back now, his wife is back at work and Billy had the house to himself early this morning.


Do a dollop of Daisy

I’ve been waiting to get around to this one for a long time. My apologies for making you all wait. It’s been a hectic time in my life and my wife hates it when I visit porn or nude sites. If she ever caught me, she’d not only kill me for clicking on this site, but if she discovered I were writing for such a site, she would divorce me in 30 seconds. Just so everyone knows. I’m risking my financial and matrimonial obligations by writing this, but when it comes to Daisy, I couldn’t fucking help myself.

These are my New Favorite Boobs

5.) Billy says: I love naughty selfies and naughty selfies and big boobs are even better. I love that lingerie thing she’s wearing. I forget what you call them, because it’s been years since I’ve seen one. My wife used to wear them. Now she wears sweat pants and a sweat shirt to bed-in August.

Topless Daisy

Girls on Film

4.) Billy says: This is a rare find. You don’t see too many nude photos of Daisy around, so this was a special treat. The film is cool,too. (And just like Daisy, it’s probably exposed.) I don’t own any sites, but I think you should have more naked Daisy. This pic is seriously hot.

Daisy Topless

Ouija Boobs

#3) Billy says: I asked my Ouija Board if I was ever going to be in a position to do this with Daisy and it spelled out. “No, because you are a total loser.” (I never believed in those things anyway!)

Topless Monday-Daisy

Sexy Selfie

#2) Billy says: This is one of those tease shots. Notice the boob hanging out of her shirt. If you could see me right now, you’d notice a bead of sweat on my forehead and a bulge in my Levi’s.

Another Sexy Daisy Nude

#1) Billy says: My wife won’t even take pictures for me like this for me to see in private. Maybe that’s why Daisy takes them-for guys like me whose wives and girls won’t get in front of the camera. I want to say this is my favorite, but I’m sure there are many more I missed. Topless Daisy is incredible, but Naked Daisy is a dream come true. MORE!

Thanks for the opportunity to let me review another model.

Until next time,