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Showtime’s Emmy Rossum is Anything but Shameless

Every guy has had a Fiona Gallagher in his life. Someone who robs you blind, does all your drugs, takes you out for a hump and dump and then leaves your sorry, pathetic ass in a parking lot at 3am. Considering Fiona’s parents, (Frank and Monica), and her attention seeking juvenile delinquent brothers and sisters, she still turned out to be the moral compass for the whole, dysfunctional and completely fucked up, Gallagher clan.

Fiona is (and will always be) my favorite Gallagher. Oh, and the actress who portrays her (Emmy Rossum) is pretty hot, too.

Enjoy the pics.

Emmy Rossum: 12 of Her Hottest Pics

Emmy Russom




emmy-rossum-fiona on shameless




emmy-rossum as Fiona Gallagher

emmy-rossum bikini


emmy-rossum with blond hair



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