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Shocking Ways Getting Naked Online Will Make You Better in Bed

Shocking Ways Posing Naked Online Will Make You a Better Lover

I heard this tale second hand, but the story should be told to the masses. That’s right. Getting naked online will make you better in bed. It did for Cynthia Marshall, (not her real name) and when I hear of how Cynthia went from being an incredibly shy, turn off the lights and get undressed and then fuck me in the dark, type of wife, to becoming a much sought after internet model, I wanted to pass it in to you.

Cynthia was 24 the first time her husband convinced her to let him upload topless photos of herself to a couples forum website where wives would be awarded cash prizes, the amount, determined by the number of people who voted.


“They were simply plain vanilla photos taken on Tim’s cell phone of just my naked tits. No head in the photo, nothing else identifiable in the photo. I let him take 12 photos and I had a severe case of anxiety when he uploaded them to this swingers forum he used to read. Once they were up, I wanted them down immediately. I knew I was good looking, but since there is always someone better and people are judged harshly on the internet, I knew an insult or two would cut my self confidence in half. Tim was very encouraging, pointing out the photos of other wives who in his opinion, couldn’t hold a candle to my tits. I knew he loved me and thought I was hot, I just wasn’t as certain of my body as he was.


Tim uploaded the photos on a Friday evening, after taking them during sex with me an hour earlier and by Saturday morning, there was 67 positive comments about my tits in the forum. I couldn’t fucking believe it. They were just tits and nothing else. By Saturday evening that number blossomed to over 189 glowing comments, asking for, (and even demanding), more pics of me in the forum. It turned me on so much reading the comments from other men and a few women), who thought I was desirable, that after reading them twice, I went down on Tim in the living room where one of our computers is located. That might not be a big deal for some couples, but I had grown up with others telling me I could never be good enough at anything, which made me shy and awkward. Getting opinions from strangers on the internet was a big boost to my self esteem.

I Kept Getting Naked Online

Luna Getting Naked Online
Our own Luna the Great Moon Goddess has been getting naked online for years.

The next time Tim uploaded photos to the net, I was naked from the neck down, except for a pair of knee socks. My head still wasn’t showing, but I wasn’t quite ready to show off that much of me yet. The comments I received were not only encouraging, but some of them were downright pervy. Men, who had no idea who I was, were apparently satisfying themselves using my photos. I was seriously turned on. Our sex life increased to three or four times a week, when it was formerly once or twice a week. The quality of the sex increased, as well.


Within a couple of months, I had abandoned headless photos and used a blindfold or Halloween mask. Believe it or not, those pictures were not as well received as my previous headless pics. It took another month or so, but one day, I went out and got my hair and make up professionally done and asked Tim to shoot a full set of nudes. In some photos, I was even touching myself. Again, maybe not a big deal for some of you, but for me, it was like winning the olympics.  476 comments during the first 12 hours and 1,872 within a week. AND I won $50 for having the best photo of the week. I couldn’t believe it.


Increasing your confidence will definitely improve your sex life. Tim was receiving oral sex from me, nearly everyday. I was becoming a sex factory and he had a full time job. This is something I wanted to continue to do.


Over the next few months, we branched out to other sites. I was even doing some uploading of my own. I uploaded a good number of photos to Reddit.com where they were extremely well received by Reddit’s picky audience.


What Will Mom and Dad Say about My Getting Naked Online?

During a conversation with my sister one day, I told her what Tim and I were doing and what it had done for our marriage and she was shocked. “My sister is getting naked on the internet?” she asked. “I expect the apocalypse any day now.”  The number one thing she was concerned with, was my being discovered by someone I knew. A friend, or my boss, perhaps. That rarely happens. In conversations with wives in online sex forums, I learned that there are millions and millions of naked photos on the internet. The odds of someone being recognized are immense. It’s like hitting the lottery twice in a day and being struck by lightning 3 times during the same week. Seriously, if being discovered by a friend or loved one is a concern, get it out of your head right away. The chances are a billion to 1 that you are caught naked on the internet.

This is just one of the shocking ways getting naked online made me better in bed.


What’s next? I’ll continue. Posing naked and and seeing those hot comments is the only drug I need to turn me into a sex slave for Tim. We’ve even entertained the idea of a male audience watching us, as we have sex, but I don’t think I’m quite ready for that.


So, ladies, if you’re concerned that your sex life is suffering and you want to do something about it, getting naked online may be your sloution. It worked for me and it could work for you. You don’t have to have an ass like Kim Kardashian to get noticed and you don’t have to stick out your tongue like Miley Cyrus to get attention. Fans accumulate quickly, so be ready for them.


Remember: Don’t question getting naked online. Just do it.

Have fun,