Pretty Wasted’s Hottest Classic Pics: Part One

Pretty Wasted’s Hottest Classic Pics: Part One

10 Classic Pretty Wasted Pics

You can’t own a website for almost 11 years and not have classic pictures laying around your hard drive. Here is the first set in a continuing series of Pretty Wasted’s favorite photos.

Ruby Violence

Ruby Violence: 2006


Arsenic Arson Ass

Arsenic Arson: 2012


Michelle: 2016


luna the great moon goddess

Luna the Great Moon Goddess 2009


KITTY 2009

Kitty 2009


Ankha 2006

Ankha 2006


White Trash Beautiful

White Trash Beautiful 2011


thade 2015

Thade 2015

Malicious Envy

Malicious Envy (2009)

Part 2 coming soon


7 responses to “Pretty Wasted’s Hottest Classic Pics: Part One”

  1. roman says:

    You weren’t lying. Pretty hot

  2. wtf says:

    Can’t wait to see what the other pics are like

  3. tyler says:

    Yikes! Great pics!

  4. mike says:

    I have wood now.

  5. mashed potatoes says:

    More Strawberry Cream please

  6. stupidasso says:

    How often does she submit photos?

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