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Daisy’s Topless Monday 11-27-17

  Daisy’s Topless Monday We get it. You want MORE Topless Daisy. Who doesn’t? Well according to her choker, she’s definitely on Santa’s Naughty List this year and she’s promised more boobs in the coming year. Naughty girls are naughty, but they don’t tell lies. That’s why I want you to expect 2018 to be the Year of the Booby-not only from Daisy but from […]


Daisy’s Sexy Black Friday

Daisy’s HOT Black Friday It’s Black Friday in the United States. Black Friday is the day we wake up at 5 am, leave the house, drive to the mall and beat the hell out of everyone else in line. so they can get the last TV that’s 80% off. What were you doing the day before? Giving thanks for every fucking thing you have. I […]


Girls Kissing Girls

  Girls Kissing Girls: 12 Pics I think I’ve been to one party in my life when a couple of girls decided to make out while sitting on the coffee table. This went on for about 20 minutes to the cheering approval of the other guests. I only got to see the last 45 seconds or so, since I was waiting in a long line […]


20 Pics of Pretty Wasted Drunk Girls

  Pretty Wasted Drunk Chicks Tis’ the season to get fucked up. That’s right ladies and gentlemen, the holidays are upon us and starting on Thursday in the United States, the party begins with Thanksgiving and ends on New Year’s Eve. I thought you might appreciate some photos of seasons passed of some pretty wasted drunk chicks who should have quit while they were ahead. […]


Drunk College Girls Who Love to Party

  College Girls Who LOVE to Party Whether you have to stick your head in the toilet for a few hours, followed by a 12 hour bathroom floor nap, or friends have to pick you up from thorny bushes and carry you home, before drawing a penis on the side of your face with a Sharpie, just remember we’ve all been there. Here are a […]


20 Hot Girls Eating Bananas

Girls Gone Bananas   No matter how old you become in life, Hot Girls Eating Bananas will always be fresh and exciting. Here are 20 hot pics of women doing just that. You’re welcome


Forums are Now Open

Check Out the PrettyWasted Forums The Forums are now open for your use. Upload funny pics, hot girls, share a joke, or stalk one of the Model forums. It’s FREE and requires no registration. However, you are responsible for what you upload to the site. 18+ ONLY!   Prettywasted Forums


5 Things I Wish I Knew Before Posing Nude Online

Posing Nude Online isn’t a Bad Thing. Or is It? By Sharon Starr I’ve taken hundreds and hundreds of nude photos that have been posted online on various sites, blogs, social media, and forums. I’ve estimated at least a million men and women around the world have seen me completely naked in various poses, (some more graphic than others), in several different locations wearing lots […]


20 Hottest, Sexiest Links to Start Off Your Week

20 HOTTEST Links to Start Your Week With Smoke Me Out then Eat Me Out Nothing but Net Take the Plunge Penis Boobs Eat My Ass Give me Head This Guy Gives Zero Fucks Taco Bell Customer of the Year Kiss me, Girlfriend Out on the Boob Deck 35 Mug Shot Hotties This Filthy Fuck Sausage Party Don’t Fuck With Chuck Even the Used Ones […]


Daisy’s Topless Monday 11-6-17

Another HOT Daisy Topless Monday   My friend Johnny called me yesterday and asked, “Why didn’t you tell me about this Topless Monday thing you guys have been doing. I answered, “You should be checking the site more often.” He agreed and and asked if Daisy could also do Topless Friday. I told him I would ask.   In the meantime, Daisy’s Topless Monday is […]


Daisy’s Topless Monday 10-30-17

Daisy’s Topless Monday Daisy’s Back With Another Topless Monday Go ahead and piss and moan all you want about Mondays. I used to be right there with you and millions of other hard-working men and women from around the world. The GOOD NEWS is, we don’t have to do that anymore. Why? Because Mondays have now improved 100% with Daisy’s Topless Monday. Daisy wanted to do something […]


Night of the Living Model

Michelle Returns in Night of the Living Model Things go horribly wrong when Michelle accepts a last minute photo shoot on Halloween from a photographer she had never met before All was going well, until Michelle took off her top as the photographer requested. She didn’t know it at the time, but the seemingly nice young man who was snapping the photos was a crazed criminal […]

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Daisy’s Topless Monday 10-23-17

Daisy’s Topless Monday   I don’t know what I would do without Daisy’s Topless Mondays, Definitely the two hottest things to hit the internet in a long time. This week Daisy takes us outside into the deep woods of Maine, lifts her shirts and reveals the goods to her fans. Gotta love her. She is a favorite. Come back every Monday for MORE of […]


Daisy’s Topless Monday 10-16-17

Daisy’s Topless Monday for 10/16/17 It’s no secret Monday’s suck. It doesn’t matter if you’re going to work or school, Mondays are without a doubt the worst day of the week. On top of sucking, the internet 100% blows on Mondays. Why? Because internet models keep us waiting for Tuesday to go topless. How cruel is that? Our friend Daisy wants to make your Mondays […]


420 Hottie of the Day-10/13/17


Stoner Girls vs Drunk Girls

Stoner Girls vs Drunk Girls: Which One is Your Girlfriend? The war has been going on for thousands of years. Drunk Girls vs Stoner Girls. You’re most likely dating one or the other. Today we compare drunk girls to stoner girls and let you decide who the real champions are. Round One Stoner Girls: Netflix and Chill Drunk Girls: Tequila and Gutter Winner: Stoner Girls […]


420 Hottie of the Day-10-12-17

smokefaery  Now, this is a wake and bake!


420 Hottie of the Day-10/11/17

  This would make an awesome Halloween Maze. (Model:Unknown)


Daisy’s Topless Monday 10-9-17

Daisy’s Topless Monday (Because Not all of Us Can Wait Until Tuesday)   Daisy’s Topless Monday Starts Today! Who says you have to wait until Tuesday to go topless? Not Daisy, that’s for sure. In our opinion, this buxom Maine model should be topless 24/7. That’s why we’ve decided to start a regular Monday series on, called Daisy’s Topless Monday. Each Monday, we’ll publish an […]

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10 Sexiest Pennywise Clowns from the Movie IT

Hot Female Cosplayers Take on Pennywise Call me old fashioned, but I wasn’t too crazy over the remake of IT. I read somewhere, movie studios are hustling remakes of former classics because they are based on former successful classics. I haven’t seen one remake I’ve actually liked. Besides, you don’t fuck with Tim Curry. If you’re going to remake a classic, such as IT, you […]