Night of the Living Model

Michelle Returns in Night of the Living Model

Things go horribly wrong when Michelle accepts a last minute photo shoot on Halloween from a photographer she had never met before All was going well, until Michelle took off her top as the photographer requested. She didn’t know it at the time, but the seemingly nice young man who was snapping the photos was a crazed criminal sex offender released from prison the day before. When the Michelle-obsessed photog made a grab for her, she wasted zero time cutting him down to size. With his last breath, the pervert picture taker realized that Michelle was even more psychotic than he ever was or could be.

The police never could find all of his body parts. His murder never solved.

Remember, models. When you work with an unknown photographer who requests you use a machete in your shoot. Make sure to bring your own-and make sure it’s real.


2-michelle- halloween

More Michelle is coming your way.

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56 thoughts on “Night of the Living Model

  1. I am the only one with the internet in North Korea. You make for fine photos. Come visit me. I will allow you in.

  2. The site downloaded an update this morning which apparently screwed up comments for this post. If your comment is missing, please feel free to post it again.

  3. I would say probably John Carpenter’s “The Thing”. I also love horror comedy, like “The Evil Dead” and “Army of Darkness”. Really, there’s too many to say! Thanks for asking!

  4. I had a feeling youwould take Halloween photos and I wasn’t disappointed. Thanks for considering your fans.

  5. It’s a good day to be alive. The website header says “Hot Girls, Potheads, Misfits and Mild Nudity.” I know what it means, but I have to say when Michelle gets naked, there’s ABSOLUTELY NOTHING MILD about it!!! Hot damn, sizzling photos.

  6. There’s a link to my Flickr account, directly under the last picture. You can save pictures from there. Just click on albums, and it will make it easy to find what you’re looking for.

  7. Hi Jimmy T. I disabled the right-click option on the site due to massive hotlinking of photos from the site. Also, Michelle retains the rights to her photos, so I want no one downloading them from this site.

    However, I believe she allows downloading from her Flickr account, so there’s that.

  8. All jokes aside this would make for a good horror flick. It’s about time we had a female psycho in a movie instead of the same old serial killer monsters like Jason and Freddy.

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