9-Michelle Tool Time

Michelle: Home Improvement


Michelle: Re-Modeling

Michelle is in the basement working on her latest project. As always, she made sure to wear the correct clothing for the job. She is available to work on your remodeling  project and doesn’t mind if you take a few photos-as long as you don’t mind her losing her top, (as she does frequently in front of the camera), you will be more than satisfied with the job.

Michelle never applies for construction permits, but somehow always seems to pass with flying colors when the city inspector comes by.

Michelle is very active on this website, so feel free to leave her a comment, below.

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15-Michelle Tool Time

12-Michelle Tool Time

3-Michelle Tool Time

1-Michelle Tool Time

2-Michelle Tool Time

4-Michelle Tool Time

5-Michelle Tool Time

6-Michelle Tool Time

7-Michelle Tool Time

8-Michelle Tool Time

9-Michelle Tool Time

13-Michelle Tool Time

16-Michelle Tool Time

17-Michelle Tool Time

MORE Michelle Soon!


22 thoughts on “Michelle: Home Improvement

  1. No. Just Facebook @michelle.fanatics and Flickr Michelle-Fanatics! There is a link to Flickr above the pictures on this page.

  2. I know you can’t show your boobs on the site but can you make them the focus of your next group of photos? I don’t know if that makes sense, but your boobs ROCK OUT!!!!!!!!!!!!

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