Krystal Ann’s Sparkly Bikini

Krystal Ann Returns

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My infatuation with the HOLY SHIT! Girl is well known. Each time my wife scrolls through this site she’ll say something like, “Where’s the HOLY SHIT! Girl? You two didn’t break up, did you?” Ha Ha! Very funny, baby! You should be a comedian.

Did you know the HOLY SHIT! Girl makes and sells custom bikinis? You can get an original HOLY SHIT! Girl, bikini for $65? It’s true. Contact Krystal Ann and you too, can either be, (or be with), the hottest girl on the beach.

See MORE Krystal Ann at A Sensual Portrait

NOTE: I noticed this video does not work on some tablets and phones, which is Facebook’s fault, unfortunately. If that’s the case with you, watch it on your laptop or tablet.



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