Krystal Ann’s Red, White and Blue Booty

I love the USA. I’m a proud American, especially at this time of year when 242 years ago, we refused to be a bitch to the British, any longer and cut ties with them.

American women remain the HOTTEST in the world. Some may argue that point with me, but one look at the HOLY SHIT! Girl’s photo above will quickly defeat your opinion. The woman is what America is all about. The freedom to show your booty to the masses is what our forefathers fought so hard to achieve.

I think a Krystal Ann statue should be erected, (so to speak), in Washington, DC to remind everyone that we, as Americans are living in the greatest country on earth.

Visit Krystal Ann’s Instagram today and ask her how you can get yourself your own poster of the photo above.

Her photography is done by AZ’s A Sensual Portrait, so check them out, too!