Krystal Ann Celebrates Hump Day With Her Amazing Ass

Krystal Ann Celebrates Hump Day with her Amazing Ass.

Krystal Ann has been showing up in our “Trending This Hour” section of the website for several weeks now with a photo of her supreme booty she posted on Facebook over a year ago. Nothing unusual about that, considering she’s always been known as the HOLY SHIT! Girl around here.

I’m a grown man, but, I’m not ashamed to say, when I saw this photo today, I cried tears of happiness. Krystal Ann has 100% museum quality booty and is always welcome on PW.

I lost touch with Krystal Ann when the ass-wipes at Facebook deleted our old Prettywasted page, but I check out her posts every chance I get, not only because she’s so smoking fucking hot, but she permits embedding of her Facebook posts on websites, like this one. Please continue to support this model, on this site and her social media. Let’s keep her trending.

Krystal Ann on Facebook

Buy Krystal Ann a little something you cheap fucks.

Krystal Ann’s Photog


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