Huge Natural Boobs

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Huge Natural Boobs Compliments of Daisy

Huge Natural Boobs

Pretty Wasted’s Flash Queen is Back

The temperature is rising in Northern New England, which means Prettywasted’s Flash Queen lifts her shirt, not only to cool off, but to, (and putting it bluntly), flash her tits.

Daisy’s Flash pics are the hottest!

My Favorite Flashing Story

I remember one time when I was an older teenager driving down the road very late at night in the summer and there was a car stopped next to me at a traffic light, on a near deserted road. The car was on my left and it was driven by a guy. He tapped the horn a couple of times to get my attention and the woman in the passenger seat was trying to get me to open my window, which I did. I thought they may have been lost and needed directions.

I asked her, “Is there something wrong?”

She answered, “Hi, Sorry to bother you, but I wanted to know if you like these.”  She then lifted her t-shirt and hung these huge, natural boobs right out of the car window and smiled.

It took me a moment to process what was going on. When I finally realized I was being flashed, I said, “Those are the hottest tits I’ve ever seen.”  She blew me a kiss and the the car drove off and I never saw her again. This photo of Prettywasted’s own Daisy, made me think of that evening. NOW I WANNA SEE MORE!


Daisy, if you’re ever stopped next to me at a traffic light, or in the supermarket, or mall parking lot, PLEASE FLASH ME!

Need More Daisy?

There are more flash pics in this set, but I wanted to publish this one early to make sure your weekend was extra special. MORE uploaded next week.


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8 thoughts on “Huge Natural Boobs

  1. Flashing is pretty common here in Clearwater. If my bf and I are driving around, sometimes he’ll ask me to slash at someone. If I’m horny or I’ve had a couple of drinks, I usually do it. The look on some people’s faces are so funny. I flashed a police officer who was directing traffic outside of a busy parking lot and got a thumbs up. I laughed so loud. If I was sober I never would have done that.

    Flashing in the car is probably the safest. The only weird experience we had, was when I flashed a group of bikers on the highway. They followed us for 16 miles before they exited. I was nervous, but excited. I guess you had to be there.

  2. Thank you for contributing to this site. You’ve got the coolest, biggest tits I’ve ever seen. Whoever your bf or husband is, is a lucky motherfucker.

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