Luna from the marriage purge

How to Cheat on Your Spouse in the Future

The Marriage Purge

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The Marriage Purge
Luna the Great Moon Goddess on her fifth erotic book cover

Marriage Purge Plot

The year is 2065. The USA is in severe moral decline. The new, dystopian government has clamped down on its citizens, making divorce and infidelity illegal and punishable by death. To quiet any possible protests or rebellion, President Jean Coleman has designated 12 hours, one night per year, where married couples may legally cheat on their spouses with whoever they choose. There is no limit to the number of partners, nor are there restrictions to the type of activities one may revel in during the Marriage Purge. Mark and Sarah Blake are about to take part in the first purge event. Both are understandably anxious, but Mark becomes even more apprehensive, when he sees a list of men his wife has invited to their party. The three gentlemen, known for their size and ability have accepted Sarah’s invitation. Although Mark is severely distressed at the thought of three men sharing his wife, he can’t help but become extremely aroused at the very thought. Let the Marriage Purge begin.

This book, containing explicit scenes of adult activity leaves nothing to the imagination.

On the Cover

Luna the Great Moon Goddess,  professional model for the better part of 30 years, is not only perfect for my books, but she’s perfect for yours, as well.. If you’re a writer of romance/erotic books, you need a killer cover to make sales. That’s why I use Luna and that’s why she’s been a part of my websites for the past 12 years, If you’re interested in hiring Luna for your next Kindle or ebook,, email us at Prettywasted. (Place the word, “Luna” in the subject line.


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