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Hottest Facebook Booty May 2018-Krystal Ann

Hottest Facebook Booty

Hottest Facebook Booty , I realize, is subjective. Some people like them big, some like them small and others like them all. I’ve been a HUGE Krystal Ann Fan for well over a year and my fandom for her booty will probably continue until they find me dead of a coronary at my laptop after seeing her latest booty pics. She’s referred to on this site as the HOLY SHIT! GIRL, due to that being the only words one can get out of their mouths after seeing her.

Krystal Ann constantly shows up in our top 10 grid (to the right in the sidebar), due to her amazing genetics and I’m happy to see her doing so well in the modeling bizz.

Krystal Ann and I lost touch after the Prettywasted Facebook account got deleted, but she is still one of my personal top 10 models on the internet today,

Please follow her on Facebook and Instagram and let her know we still LOVE her. And as long as she still allows her photos (by a Sensual Portrait) to be embedded on this site, I’m going to do my best to embed them every chance I get.

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A Sensual Portrait -Krystal Ann’s Photographer