Get Ready for the Tumblr Collapse

Arsenic Arson

Arsenic Arson’s ass was flagged on Tumblr

Tumblr Bans Porn and Adult Posts. Have you heard the news? On December 17, 2018 Tumblr.com will delete all blogs containing adult posts. The reasons they give are bullshit, many insiders say it has to do with their new owner, (Verizon) and the fact that their app was banned from the Apple store last month.

If you have an adult blog on Tumblr, you may want to just download the content from your blog and save it on your computer.

booty and mooning

Where Can I Post my Stuff Now?

You can post on Reddit.com or make non-permanent posts on the appropriate channels at 4Chan. People have been talking about Twitter, as well. There is even paid options out there, but until I investigate them, I won’t be linking to any.

Of course you can also upload all legal content here on the Prettywasted.com Forums.  That’s what I would do. You can also start your own website and not have to deal with any corporate regulations, as long as you follow the law,

Good luck, Tumblrs