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Free Erotic Stories Coming to Pretty Wasted in 2018

FREE Erotic Stories For You

Beginning in January 2018. is teaming up with some of the best erotic short story writers on the internet to bring you a new sexy ebook every couple of weeks.

You’ll see work by published, erotic authors, Vicki Vex, Joseph Carmichael, Sharon Star, and Marie X in short 500-1200 word, easy to digest articles. I’m hopeful a couple of the models might decide to take pen to paper and let us inside their sexy minds.

You’ll also be able to download both free and paid pdf books directly to your computer.

To take advantage of this new Pretty Wasted benefit, you MUST register and become a Forum Member. Click here to sign up for our hot, sexy, forum.

We’re going into 2018 with a bang. Don’t miss out


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