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If you know of my work as the founder of Deadbabes and the former, you must know I would never steer you wrong when it comes to models. Dolletta Marionette is the real deal. She’s new to Facebook, but has a rapidly growing Instagram following and guess what? She’s not only a hottie, but she’s also really nice, friendly, fun and very down to earth. It’s easy to tell she not only values her fans, but interacts with them on a regular basis. Kind of a rarity on the internet.

Dolletta Marionette sent me this message a few hours ago:

This is my Patreon! Celebrating my personal alternative fashion, body positivity, and stage persona.
I’m 4’9 and 88lbs of sultry comments, and sass?

Dolletta Marionette in an upcoming shoot for Suicide Girls

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Go to Dolletta’s Patreon now and she what she has to offer. I guarantee you’ll find her worth following. Besides, when you lay your head on your pillow tonight, wouldn’t you like to drift off to sleep knowing you did something nice for an awesome person? Of course, you would.

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