Follow That Model: Krystal Ann

The Holy Shit Girl

How Did Krystal Ann Become the Holy Shit Girl?

A friend and I were texting a few days ago and this was the conversation.

Him: “Now I know why you call her the Holy Shit Girl. That’s the first thing I said when I saw her photos.”

Me: “Yeah, I said the same thing,” I wrote back.  “I’m guessing everyone on Facebook is saying it too!”

Him: “Perfect name!”

Aside from the whole Holy Shit thing, Krystal Ann’s look reminds me of Suicide Girls circa 2005-2006 when they were blazing new trails and shocking the internet. Those days are long gone for SG, but Krysal Ann appears to be blazing a few trails of her own. She brings me back to the days before everyone began using the term, Alt Model for any woman with a tattoo and pink hair. That’s a good thing. Kick some ass, Krystal Ann!

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    1. Hi there, “i love this site”. I don’t know if Krystal Ann will respond to you here. I would hope she would, but you can always follow her on Facebook. The link is above. Glad you love

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