Daisy’s Topless Monday 10-9-17

Daisy’s Topless Monday (Because Not all of Us Can Wait Until Tuesday)



Daisy’s Topless Monday Starts Today!

Who says you have to wait until Tuesday to go topless? Not Daisy, that’s for sure. In our opinion, this buxom Maine model should be topless 24/7. That’s why we’ve decided to start a regular Monday series on Prettywasted.com, called Daisy’s Topless Monday.

Each Monday, we’ll publish an AMAZING TOPLESS Daisy pic for your enjoyment. So, don’t wait until Tuesday, because now you don’t have to.



16 thoughts on “Daisy’s Topless Monday 10-9-17

  1. I wouldn’t mind seeing these boobs everyday of the week. Can we get a Topless Tuesday, Wednesday,Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday, too?

    topless tuesday

  2. remember when they used to say “those tits are bodacious?” I’m here to tell you those tits are bodacious. 🙂

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