How to Cheat on Your Spouse in the Future

Luna from the marriage purge

The Marriage Purge Be sure to purchase Joseph Carmichael’s latest hotwife story, The Marriage Purge, now available on Amazon for Kindle tablets or readers. Marriage Purge Plot The year is 2065. The USA is in severe moral decline. The new, dystopian government has clamped down on its citizens, making divorce and infidelity illegal and punishable … Read moreHow to Cheat on Your Spouse in the Future

Daisy’s Topless Monday 4-2-18

Daisy All Day Sucker

Daisy’s Topless Monday 4-2-18   Guess who’s topless? You’re right! It’s our own Daisy, letting the boobies breathe on a Monday morning, in one of my favorite Topless Monday pics, ever. At, you don’t have to wait until Tuesday for the titties. Daisy’s got your back…with her front. Join us each Monday for MORE … Read moreDaisy’s Topless Monday 4-2-18

5 Luna Pics That Will Make You Harder Than Algebra 3

Naked Luna

Luna Pics That Made Me Harder than the New York Times Crossword Puzzle My friend Billy had so much fun choosing his Top 5 Favorite Michelle Hard On Inducing Pics, I’ve asked him to return and take on Luna the Great Moon Goddess. He happily accepted the challenge and said he would like to come … Read more5 Luna Pics That Will Make You Harder Than Algebra 3

The Deep Throat Banana Challenge

Deep Throat Banana Challenge Check Out These Banana Deep-Throating Hotties There’s something about woman eating bananas that make men crazy. Ok, maybe it’s just me, but that’s ok, too. Check out this video I found on YouTube, called. “The Deep Throat Banana Challenge” Besides being sexy, bananas are delicious, full of potassium and very good … Read moreThe Deep Throat Banana Challenge

5 Michelle Pics that Guarantee You’ll Have a Hard Day at Work

5 Michelle Pics Guaranteed to Make it Hard for you to Get Out of Bed this Morning   With just 4 models on this website, I’m asked about them quite often. Whether I’m with my friends or answering emails from fans of the site, people ALWAYS want to know more about the girls. Truth be … Read more5 Michelle Pics that Guarantee You’ll Have a Hard Day at Work

Daisy’s Topless Monday March 12, 2018

daisy-topless cabin fever

Daisy’s Topless Monday March 12,2018 This is without a doubt, my new favorite Topless Monday pic from Daisy. She’s  become the top traffic feature every Monday for her willingness to lift her top and show off her awesome boobs to our visitors. Chances are, you’re never going to see them in person, (although I remain hopeful), … Read moreDaisy’s Topless Monday March 12, 2018

Daisy’s Topless Monday- 2-26-18

Daisy New Year's

Daisy’s Topless Monday I’ve missed Daisy’s Topless Mondays. Truth is I had completely run out of Topless Daisy pics. After listening to me piss and moan about it, Daisy cheerfully pulled her top down and let the girls be photographed for today’s Topless Monday pic. Don’t Miss Another Topless Monday Don’t miss Daisy reveal those … Read moreDaisy’s Topless Monday- 2-26-18

Happy Hot Naked Valentines Day!

michelle valentines day topless 13

Michelle’s Happy Hot Naked Valentine’s Day I love when our Michelle gets in front of the camera these days and lets herself go. The results are always HOT! These are my new favorite Michelle pics. Everything from the dark red lingerie to the red eyeshadow, screams SEX! (But then again, all her photos scream that.) … Read moreHappy Hot Naked Valentines Day!

Hottest Topless NSFW Links

Stoned Boobies

Best Topless NSFW Links Naked Pizza Delivery The Open Jacket Topless Selfie Naked Tattooed Selfie Bikini Beach Booty Is that a line on her ass? Thongtastic Boobies for the Neighbors Boobie on the Loose Topless at Lunch I’m Guessing Spring Break in Mexico Damn! I wouldn’t be able to get all those knots out. Quick … Read moreHottest Topless NSFW Links

20 HOT Nude in Public, Topless and Great Ass Links

20 HOT Nude in Public, Topless and Ass Links Hot Tub Ass 44-year-old classic nipples I’d smash that Dressed and suddenly Naked OMG! Pierced Boobies and a Smile 5 Amazing Sets of Tits That Airplane Must Have Hit Some Turbulence  National Weather Service Prediction Vagina Chicken Welcome to Naked Airlines BOING! I wish they had … Read more20 HOT Nude in Public, Topless and Great Ass Links

Pretty Wasted Drunk Girl Fights, Disasters and Craziness

drunk girls

Pretty Wasted Drunk Girl Fights, Disasters and Craziness Instant Drunken Regret Drunk Girl Pees Inside Her Shoe Crazy Fucked Up Drunk Girl VoiceMail Drunk Girl Gets a Trash Bin Lid Stuck on her Head Crazy Pretty Wasted Hottie Freaks Out on Uber Driver Pretty Wasted Drunk Girl Ruins a Wedding Drunk Girl Starting a Fistfight … Read morePretty Wasted Drunk Girl Fights, Disasters and Craziness

20 HOT NSFW Nude and Topless Links

X Marks the Spots

  20 HOT NSFW Nude and Topless Links It’s Friday! Don’t forget to check out your NSFW Nude and Topless Links before you leave work today, Your boss is probably looking at them right now.   Assume the Position Follow the Bouncing Boobs Rear View She needs help from the gods She looks as good … Read more20 HOT NSFW Nude and Topless Links

Arsenic Arson: Virgin Killer


Arsenic Arson: Virgin Killer   Virgin Killer: Thy Name is Arsenic Arson Arsenic Arson photos are as scarce as snowflakes in Mexico, so when she sent me these Virgin Killer pics, I first smoked a big old blunt to celebrate and then uploaded them to the site. The popular cosplay, (and former Deadbabes), model has been … Read moreArsenic Arson: Virgin Killer

20 Extreme NSFW Booty Pics

Extreme NSFW Booty Pics What’s better than Booty? Absolutely nothing. Enjoy your links. Kitchen Duty Booty Posed Near the Wall Booty at 30,000 feet Sleeping Booty Booty in a Sling Classy Booty All American Booty Eenie Meenie Booty Follow the Bouncing Booty Striped Skinny Booty 10/10 Booty Gartered Booty Purple Pawg Booty and Boobs Booty … Read more20 Extreme NSFW Booty Pics

Daisy’s Topless Monday 1-15-18

  Daisy’s Topless Monday If you’re seeing Daisy Topless right now, it must be Monday! Welcome to Daisy’s Topless Monday, an exclusive Pretty Wasted exclusive, featuring Maine hottie, Daisy starting our Mondays off on a positive note by tossing her bras aside for the benefit of all mankind. Daisy gets topless every Monday, so be … Read moreDaisy’s Topless Monday 1-15-18

Hottest Topless and Bottomless Links to Start 2018

Hottest Topless and Bottomless Links to Start 2018

Hottest Topless and Bottomless Links to Start 2018 Pretty Wasted is starting off 2018 with a BANG! Check out our first selection of topless and bottomless links to start your 2018 the right way. Gillian Barnes Did Not Expect This Strappy Yoga Pants Booty Is My Shirt Open? At the Branch Office Check Out My … Read moreHottest Topless and Bottomless Links to Start 2018

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