bush or no bush

Bush or No Bush? What’s Going on with Pubic Hair These Days?


Bringing Bush Back Front and Center

Last week a model I’ve known for over 10 years sent me a set of photos for my opinion. I’m always happy to lend my opinion when it comes to a friend’s photos.

The model, (who of course, I won’t be mentioning), sent me two sets of 24 nude photos What surprised me about these 2 different sets of nude photos is, the model had pubic hair in one set and no pubic hair in the other. Otherwise, the photos were identical, both in poses and prop usage.

She wrote:

“Joe, Please do me a favor and look these over and let me know what you think. Just pick your favorite set and get back to me when you have a chance. I’m attempting to make a bold statement.”

Both sets were extremely sexy and well-photographed. The photos weren’t graphic by any means. Just regular nudes.

I liked the set with pubic hair better. I’ll be honest. There was a lot of pubic hair in these photos. This wasn’t a “I’m shooting today, so I’d better get out the trimmer and look presentable.” These were, (for lack of a better term), full on bush photos. Unkempt and not in anyway what someone would call neat.

The photos without pubic hair reminded me of photos one could see anytime from any model and on any website. In this case, bush was the clear victor.

I wrote back to her via Facebook Messenger and said, “I prefer set #2. Why? You look 100% more confident and sexier in the set with the pubic hair, than without.”

She wrote back: “Thank you. That’s the answer I was looking for. Each time I shoot after waxing, I don’t feel 100% me. I feel like I’m doing it for the viewer and photographer and not myself. I feel sexier, not only growing it in, but growing in in full and thick. Makes me feel more like the independent woman I am. I’m not one of those crazy feminists who don’t shave their legs, arms, etc. , but I feel sexier with bush. It’s more of a confidence thing and I think I look as sexy as hell. I’ve been to the beach a couple of times so far this year and I wore boy shorts and a bikini top, instead of a bikini. Everyone I’ve asked seems to enjoy the pubic hair set better, so guess what? I’m starting a revolution among models. I’m bringing bush back and I’m going to make it bigger than fidget spinners”

bush or no bush

So Where Do You Stand on Bush?

Pubic hair is subjective. You either love it, hate it, or don’t have feelings either way. I’ll leave the comments open for awhile for your opinion. Thanks.

15 thoughts on “Bush or No Bush? What’s Going on with Pubic Hair These Days?

  1. Joe, Thanks for the article. I’m glad I could help. Sorry you can’t mention my name, yet, but I haven’t released the photos , because they are going to a private buyer. The “bush set” sold right away and for the life of me, I can’t sell the “shaved” set.

    Thanks for helping me bring bush back.

  2. The reason I don’t like bush is that my girlfriend trims it too close and it’s stubbly and hurts during both oral and regular sex. Seriously fucking painful. Shave it, or grow it out full bush. IDGAF.

  3. TBH there are some girls I like waxed and others with bush. Some women have unattractive vaginas and getting rid of the hair brings out the imperfections. Those are the women who should keep their pubic hair. BTW I am a 28 year old woman.

  4. This is simply not true. If a woman is clean, bathed and healthy, she won’t have any odor at all whether she has hair or not.

  5. I woudn’t mind it if my gf would color it like the picture. I would probably actually enjoy bush more. But, put me down as a shaved vag fan.
    vagina hair color

  6. Pubic hair attracts dirt, dust and pollen. Besides, stray pubes on the sheets, on soap and in the tub are fucking disgusting. Shave it off ladies.

  7. If you’re overweight, you look fatter without hair. That’s my problem. I let it grow haywire for that reason. The rare times I have shaved it, I’ve been embarrassed in bed with men because it looks gross shaved.

    Same thing for underweight or very skinny women. They should leave it alone. If you’re thin, your vagina looks like crap when it’s shaved. Don’t believe me? Check the web and come back and let me know.

  8. Speaking as a woman if you don’t like my pubic hair, you can fuck the fuck off all day long. No one will ever tell me how to wear it. I trim it in summer for bikini season, It starts at my belly button and grows to the insides of my thighs.

    In fact, my current boyfriend loves it so much, he asked me not to trim it for the summer, but there’s no way I could go to the beach, if I didn’t.

    The 90’s are gone ladies and gentlemen. Get with the growth.

  9. Women who stay shaved-not waxed but shaved-have a higher rate of yeast infections than women who trim or don’t mess with it at all. That alone is reason enough to leave it alone. Pubic hair rocks. 🙂

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