Awesome Autumn Boobies

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Daisy Whips Them Out Just for You

Autumn in New England and Daisy’s Awesome Boobies are three of my favorite things. That’s why I couldn’t wait until Monday to post her latest set of booby pics. It’s getting colder in Maine and soon the ground will be covered in 1000 feet of snow that will last until next July. Hopefully, it won’t be too cold to get a boobie snow pic or two of Daisy this winter.

Daisy not only has a set of awesome, autumn boobies, but they’re awesome in Winter, Spring and Summer, as well.

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Thank you for being our top contributor, Daisy!


Awesome Boobies 2

Awesome Boobies 4

Awesome Boobies v3

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awesome boobies daisy

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