Too Darned Big by Viciki Vex

Erotic Fun Smut Available on Amazon

JUST RELEASED! Our own Luna is on the cover of one of the most fun smut books you’ll ever read. Isn’t that awesome? The story is simple: 30 year old Addison Taylor offers to look after her best friend’s 19 year old son, Derek, while he’s in Florida for spring break. When Addie discover’s Derek’s keeping […]

Follow That Patreon: Dolletta Marionette

Support Dolletta Marionette on Patreon If you know of my work as the founder of Deadbabes and the former, you must know I would never steer you wrong when it comes to models. Dolletta Marionette is the real deal. She’s new to Facebook, but has a rapidly growing Instagram following and guess what? She’s not […]

Arsenic Arson by Julie Rich

Post Your Patreon

Arsenic Arson on Patreon Florida model, Arsenic Arson is back in business after a much too long an absence from modeling and wanted you to know that her Patreon page is now active. Arsenic Arson is on my list of Top 10 Favorite Internet Models. Her work is outstanding, as you will soon discover. She also […]

Luna the Great Moon Goddess on You Tube

Hot Models on YouTube

Catch Luna on Not having enough fun on YouTube? Maybe you’re not following the fun channels. If that’s the case, you need to check out Luna the Great Moon Goddess, AKA: CandyLipstick1 on Luna is hot, hilarious and downright fucking crazy. She is without a doubt the MOST fun model on today. […]

Group Decision by Vicki Vex

Hot Group Sex Book Hits Amazon

Addie is a sexy department store cashier with a nasty shoplifting habit. Mike is the handsome, (but devious), Loss Prevention Manager who catches her in the act. Dishonest employees are usually arrested. Can Addie convince Mike and the rest of the big shots to let her off with a warning? Just this once? The higher […]

5 Facebook Hotties You Need To Know About Now

5 Kick Ass Facebook Models You Need to Follow Models are subjective to one’s personal taste. I may love one model, while you may think she’s nothing to write home about. You may love cabbage, but I can’t stand the site of it. Get it? Owning gives me the opportunity to scour social media sites, […]


15 Hottest Underboob Pics Ever

15 Hottest Underboob Pics Did you know that on most social media, you can post 98% of a boob, but can’t show a nipple? Think about how dumb and stupid that is. If those rules have done one thing, it’s forced women to become more creative when it comes to showing their ta-tas online. The […]