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Attention Boob Lovers: Daisy’s Just Opened Her Robe


Daisy’s Back and She’s Opened Her Robe

I’ve been a Daisy fan since she was a Deadbabes Model back in the day. She’s always ready with her camera and always ready to lift, (or unbutton) her shirt for the site. Today, However, she opened her silky robe robe for us, while laying back on her bed which is just as awesome!

The #1 pic contributor on Prettywasted.com has a lot to be proud over, and we’re prjust as proud to have her as a part of our sites over the last 13 years.

More Topless Daisy? More Almost Naked Daisy? You’ll find it all here on Prettywasted.com

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MORE Daisy coming your way soon-Only on Prettywasted.com

64 thoughts on “Attention Boob Lovers: Daisy’s Just Opened Her Robe

  1. I just looked at every single pic of her in this site, but you won’t let me download them. I love Daisy, but whoever runs this site sucks.

  2. If we’re both not married in 5 years…let’s do it. I promise to take care of you and your boobs forever

  3. Only 2 topless pics this time? C’mon Daisy. That’s not like you. We need more. Hope it’s warm where you are.

  4. You will never guess what I just did while looking at your pics. I’ll give you a hint. It felt great!! LOL!!

  5. I love the outdoor shots of you on the other pages. I think a woman who poses nude outside is absolutely the sexiest fucking thing in the world. I hope to see more outdoor pics as it gets warmer. They’re fabulous!

  6. I’m a model who poses nude for websites, too. Does it make you horny to read the comments? zit does to me. Oh, well. Have a nice day and Happy Modeling!

  7. At last! A real woman posing topless because she likes to do it. I’m sick of nude models who try to get me to contribute to their Patreon or other bullshit. Thanks for being different than the rest. Can’t wait to see more!

  8. My room mate showed me this site. Then I sneaked off back to my room for a more intimate look. I wonder if he knows what I’m doing in here. 🙂

  9. Someone on here mentioned outdoor pics and I agree they are sexy as hell. Just be careful because you can get arrested. I took some pics of my wife about 10 years ago in a state park and some women saw us and called the rangers. The rangers called the state police and we were both arrested for public nudity. I wasn’t nude. She was. So I got taken in as an accomplice. I think that’s why people love to see public nudity pics . The danger involved is a turn on.

  10. my friend sent me this link. love your boobs but you need to get naked. curvy women are the hottest.

  11. Xavier, I just read your comment and I agree 100%. Public nudity is killer. I took some shots of my wife in Walmart a few times. You go when it’s slow and make sure you pick an empty aisle. She wears a long coat for that and she’s naked underneath. It’s a huge turn on for us and we always bang afterwards, Just be careful and you won’t attract attention.

  12. I have a request. Can we have some photos of you taken immediately after you’ve had sex, with your hair and makeup messed up? I know a model who does these and it gets me rock hard all the time.

  13. Daisy doesn’t seem to reply to everyone which is cool, since there are so many, so if you’re reading this, I LOVE YOU!

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