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Forum Rules


Please follow the rules in this forum. I hate to ban anyone, but I'll be quick to do it should I have to.

1.) Don't be an asshole. We have women in this group. They deserve your respect. Therefore, no insults, flames, etc. This rule also applies to fellow posters. Be nice.

2.) You may upload photos to this forum any photos you think are appropriate, including nude images (Of models 18+). PLEASE do not upload pornography. You'll get a warning first and a ban for the second infraction.

3.) Any illegal content uploaded to this server will be dealt with immediately. Your IP address will be turned over to the police.

4.)  I've set the forums so even non-logged in guests can post. Please don't abuse the privilege by posting spam or illegal content, or I'll have to make that option unavailable.

5.) If you have any questions, please feel free to ask them in this thread.


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