5 Michelle Pics that Guarantee You’ll Have a Hard Day at Work

5 Michelle Pics Guaranteed to Make it Hard for you to Get Out of Bed this Morning


With just 4 models on this website, I’m asked about them quite often. Whether I’m with my friends or answering emails from fans of the site, people ALWAYS want to know more about the girls.

Truth be told, although I’ve had business relationships with the models on this site for well over 10 years, I’ve never met any of them personally, so I’m almost as clueless about them as you.

Enter my friend, Billy.

Billy is a rabid Michelle Fanatic and when I see him, the first question he usually asks about the site is, “When is Michelle taking more photos?” It’s gotten to be an inside joke between the two of us.

Michelle takes extremely hot pics and she’s not afraid to take chances. You may see her posed, sitting on a toilet, with a banana in her mouth, and sometimes a banana in her mouth while she sits on the toilet. I never know what to expect when I receive Michelle pics in my inbox, but I know they’ll be super hot.

I asked Billy to stalk Michelle’s Flickr Photos and her photos on this site and select his top 5 favorite hardness inducing Michelle pics and I would post them here. Billy also asked me to refrain from mentioning anything about his Michelle addiction to his wife of 9 years, because he doesn’t think she would share the same affection for the busty PW model. (I know Billy’s wife and I agree with him 100%.)

Here are Billy’s Top 5 and his comments for each:

Michelle-Private Time

Billy says: “I forgot all about this one. Please put this first. If I ever came home and saw Michelle doing this, I would break my zipper. Not one, not two, but three fingers.”



Michelle Gets Oral

Billy says: “Even though lollipops are a close second to bananas, her eye contact makes it wicked uncomfortable in my jeans.”


Billy says: “This right here is what does it for me. The only thing that could have made this photo more perfect, is, if it were my banana.”


Billy says: “I don’t know any other way to say this. Michelle’s ass was made for pounding. I think it would be like a ride at 6 Flags. Exciting and thrilling. The man who gets behind this ass is my hero.”



Michelle-All Day Sucker

Billy says: Picking the last one was no easy task. I was going to go with a Michelle topless pic, but once again, candy won me over. I could look at this all day and be very happy.”


Billy’s Bonus Pic

Billy says: “I included this bonus picture, because although I know deep down it’s simply 2 models posing for a photo, I like to think that something sexual might have actually happened between these two. At least once.”  (Model on right: Luna the Great Moon Goddess.)

Billy’s final thoughts? “I wish I could have picked more photos.”


More Michelle on Prettywasted.com

Michelle’s Flickr Page




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  1. Scrolling through your pics on my phone at work. Do you know how fired I could get it my boss caught me? 😬

  2. Me and my room mate Derek unzip every morning and fap to these pics. Sometimes it’s the hocky pics and sometimes the kitchen pics but its usually a morning ritual. There are two chairs in front of the laptop. Most time we do this togethet and the last one 2 cum is the winner. I loose most times. We never tell anyone we do this but I wanted to share it fpr Michelle.

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