Naked Luna

5 Luna Pics That Will Make You Harder Than Algebra 3

Luna Pics That Made Me Harder than the New York Times Crossword Puzzle

My friend Billy had so much fun choosing his Top 5 Favorite Michelle Hard On Inducing Pics, I’ve asked him to return and take on Luna the Great Moon Goddess. He happily accepted the challenge and said he would like to come back and do this for all models on the site. We’ll see his results in the coming weeks.

Luna has been producing sexy, blood rushing pics for the better part of 3 decades and we’re fortunate to have her as eternal cover model for this website. Luna’s been in a ton of magazines, periodicals, print media, advertising, internet websites and lately, she’s taken on erotic book covers.

But, back to Billy.

His mission?

Select his favorite Top 5 Luna Pics. Considering  Luna has posted thousands of her photos on her Flickr account, this was going to become a monumental task. Adding to the fact that Billy’s wife has pussy whipped him into complete submission, and thinks he’s cheating on her if he notices a braless mom at the supermarket, he was forced to do this at work, with a fake (and now deleted) Yahoo! email account. To make things more difficult for Billy, I told him he could not select a nude or topless photo of Luna, nor one where she was photographed with anyone else.

NOTE: Prettywasted.com selected the nude photo of Luna,above, not only because we love it, but to piss Billy off.

Here are his results in no particular order.

Billy’s Top 5 Hard on Inducing Luna Pics.

Luna with a banana

Billy says: “I failed miserably at this task. There were too many hard on inducing photographs to choose from. Picking 5 was completely unfair. That being said, a girl with a banana in her mouth is the way to get me rigid. Unfortunately, for me, my wife slices her bananas and eats them with a fork or with Corn Flakes. Luna’s eyes, focused upward and to the right signifies that she is thinking of something creative or creating  a picture in her mind. It makes me wonder what it is.”


Luna-Unbuttoned shorts

Billy says: “This one hit home. A girl I dated before meeting my wife wore denim cut-off shorts in the summer and intentionally left the button, (or snap) above the zipper unbuttoned. It didn’t matter where we went. The top of her shorts were unbuttoned. I remember how it used to turn me on when I was 19. She would also wear a half shirt, or halter top to complete the look. Spotting this photo brought a flood of fun, horny memories back to me and increased the flow of blood to my private parts. These days, my wife buttons all her buttons. Doesn’t fucking matter what she’s wearing.”

Naked Luna With a Cut Sex Pistols shirt

Billy says: “This better not count as naked, because she is not. This is my #1 out of the Top 5. This is where your imagination has to take over. I imagine Luna in this photo saying, Take me now, Billy. Take me now. I must have you now!  I also imagine she’s saying it to another Billy, because I’m such a fucking dork, there’s no way someone this fine would ever sleep with me.”

Luna-Sexy Roller Girl

Billy says: “Not even trying to make a pun here, but this is literally hard work. Her thumb bringing the shorts down a notch and of course the roller skate/knee socks look is plain fucking hot. I grew up in the 70’s when women were wearing exactly this. One can tell she is an experienced model. Luna is completely down with the poses and expressions. The last time my wife wore anything that sexy is NEVER!”


Billy says:  “Do you want to know what I said to myself when I saw this photo? I said, Some lucky son-of-bitch has Luna tied up in his basement. That’s what I said. Do you want to know what I’ve got in my basement? I’ve got a box of VHS porn tapes I’ve been hiding since I got married with no VCR to play them on, a chest of moth-eaten clothing neither of us will wear again, a pair of snow boots with a hole in the left bottom, a lawn mower  that  won’t start and a bunch of brown and black spiders that frighten me. I never go into the basement.  But I would if Luna was there.

Billy’s Bonus Pic


Luna sucking on a banana

Billy says: “This shouldn’t count as a naked pic, either. As I’ve previously revealed, women with bananas are a dream come true for me. This not quite naked, Luna with a banana in her mouth pic is a hard on waiting to happen for any guy  who sees it. I think I’ll have to be alone with myself for a little while and examine this photo a bit more closely.”

Billy’s final words: “I love Luna. Thanks for allowing me to do this. It makes going home much easier.”

Luna’s Personal Photo Collection

Almost 7,000 Luna Pics are available for you to view here.