5 Facebook Hotties You Need To Know About Now

5 Kick Ass Facebook Models You Need to Follow

Models are subjective to one’s personal taste. I may love one model, while you may think she’s nothing to write home about. You may love cabbage, but I can’t stand the site of it. Get it? Owning Pretywasted.com gives me the opportunity to scour social media sites, (like Facebook) to bring the models we think you should be following directly to our readers. Why? It’s what we do-and we have excellent taste! You’re welcome.

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Dezzy Black

Mad pretty, Dezzy Black doesn’t have a Facebook fan page. However, she did make her pics shareable, which is why I didn’t feel too creepy about going through her profile and embedding her video. I noticed she left a reply to someone who commented on one of her photos that “modeling was just a hobby.”  (I don’t think that was the exact line, but I couldn’t find it again to quote it, properly.)  This woman was blessed with an abundance of  good looks, knows how to use them and could easily represent a clothing, makeup or jewelry line. I hope we see more of her in the future.


Heavily inked, Finnish model, sosssi is friggin’ beautiful. Her fan page contains several striking photos that you should be checking out. Like most models, these days, sosssi has several social media accounts, (@sosssi on Instagram and Snapchat) and her YouTube channel.  Follow her everywhere.

Poetic Steam Hippie

Florida Cosplay model, Poetic Steam Hippie, gets an A+ for her model name choice and knowing how to use her assets to produce consistently sexy af photos for her fans. I’ve always had a thing for the girl next door look and PSH has taken that genre to a whole new level. Follow her today and support her work on Patreon, you cheapskate.


Italian model, inkpinkbaby takes me back to the good old days of internet modeling. (circa 2003-2005) when sites like Deadbabes, (which I owned), Deviant Nation and Suicide Girls ruled the internet. Unfortunately, the first two sites are gone and SG is sadly just a far cry from the awesome site it used to be. Fortunately, models like inkpinkbaby take up the slack and remind us what alternative modeling is all about. Follow her now.

Levy Tran

Having an admirable Facebook following at 28,803, (as of this writing) Levy Tran, (as far as I’m concerned), is definitely an under-rated model. Bikini and handbra rocking, aside, Levy Tran has a killer smile and looks like she enjoys doing what she does. Her look is exotic and if there’s one thing I know about the modeling world, exotic never goes out of style. Follow her today. I’m no psychic, but I see good things in her future.

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