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5 Things I Wish I Knew Before Posing Nude Online

Posing Nude Online isn’t a Bad Thing. Or is It?

By Sharon Starr

I’ve taken hundreds and hundreds of nude photos that have been posted online on various sites, blogs, social media, and forums. I’ve estimated at least a million men and women around the world have seen me completely naked in various poses, (some more graphic than others), in several different locations wearing lots of different costumes, lingerie and yes, 100% nude. Posing nude online was my side job. It was a lot of fun while it lasted.

I began posing nude in 1999 when the internet was the Wild Wild West. No restrictions, no rules, laws or any of that restrictive nonsense and zero social media-other than MySpace. It was a time a woman could make decent money by selling photos. 20 years later the whole situation has changed. Social media has destroyed modeling sites and today’s models are posing exclusively on social media. Sure, there are a couple of hangers-on, such as Suicide Girls and God’s Girls, but even they don’t live up to their formerly glorious reputations.

I was looking back at my portfolio of nude photos that I keep privately in an online album yesterday when I got the idea to write this article.

No matter what is trending on the internet, women posing nude online for softcore or pornography sites will always be popular. Thousands of women make a daily decision to shed their clothing for quick money or the promise of fame. I’ve made more than a few mistakes during my career, (which is now over, due to the fact that 19 year old me looked much, much better than 37 year old me.), that I want to share with women who are in, or are thinking about showing their goods online.

Here are 5 Things I Wish I Knew Before Posing Nude Online

1.) My photos are staying online for eternity

You should know that your nude photos are never going away. You can delete them on your own and ask webmasters to delete them, but you’re never going to eliminate them from the internet. If you’ve sold photos to websites or webmasters, consider them 100% online and able to be published forever, unless you had a different agreement in writing at the time of sale.

2.) I’ll never be able to become governor or President of the USA

Nude photos will haunt you. Not only will mom, dad, your brothers, sisters aunts, and uncles be able to find them, but so will future employees, and reporters investigating you when you decide to run for public office. An aunt of mine once got paid $1000 for performing 3 scenes in a sex video and she told me recently that it’s on Porn Hub and available to anyone with internet. She was 30 years old at the time. She’s 58, now. She doesn’t regret it and she’s never been recognized, but it’s still possible. Her real name is somewhere on a model release, as well as her social security number.

3.) Not all photos of you will look sexy.

I’m proud of many sets I’ve taken. Others? Not so much. I did a masturbation set once for a very popular website that is no longer around. I look horrible, fat and very unsexy. I’m sure they are still floating around somewhere.

4.) Nude modeling can impact your future relationships.

I once dated a guy who didn’t know I was a nude model. After a year, I finally told him about it and showed him a bunch of my work. All of a sudden he wanted to become my agent, sole photographer, and bodyguard. He didn’t want me going on shoots with trusted friends who were photographers and he got extremely jealous when he escorted me on shoots where I would get naked in front of photographers, makeup, and lighting guys. Before this, he was never jealous of anything. We broke up two months later.

5.) Some people get the wrong impression about your photographs.

I did a hardcore girl on girl set with a model from a very famous site no longer online. It was fun to act out my lesbian fantasies in a photo shoot, but I’m not a lesbian. When boyfriends find out you’ve done girl/girl shoots, they automatically think their sex life will include girl/girl threesomes whenever they like. Not the case -at least for me.

Sharon Starr is a friend and former model who worked for several nude modeling sites in the late 90’s to the early 2000’s. Starr has posed for Deadbabes, Prettywasted.com, Suicide Girls and Deviant Nation, among others. She is now retired, married and raising her family in Seattle, Washington.

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