10 Completely False Stoner Girl Myths


10 Stoner Girl Myths that are Completely False

By Charlotte Kush

I’m a proud member of a culture called Stoner Girls. I smoke weed everyday, I spend an hour or two at the dispensary twice a week and I wear mostly marijuana-themed clothing and jewelry. When I hear false truths concerning stoner girls, it really pisses me off. I decided to write this short article to dispel any of the rumors below.  I just like to smoke weed and when you do, people sometimes people make assumptions about you. Most of them are wrong. (Thanks to Joe and Prettywasted.com for publishing my stuff)

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Stoner Girl Myths: True or False?

We’re easy to get into bed.

That might be true for girls who drink alcohol, but in my case, I find myself more alert when I’m high. If I’ve been smoking weed and I’m on a date with a new guy, although I’m more personable, attentive and friendly, I’m far from easy. That goes for every woman I know who gets high on a daily basis. This rumor comes from the myth that  marijuana lowers your inhibitions. Sex is great when you’re smoking weed, but stoner girls don’t smoke it and become raging sluts. At least not the ones I know.

We’re stupid

I’m in my senior year of college and after I graduate, I’ll be going to medical school. Contrary to the lies told to you about marijuana, it doesn’t make you stupid. The only thing that makes you stupid is your parents. If they’re stupid, chances are you are, too.

We have underarm hair and big bushes

I laugh each time I hear this. Sure, I suppose some of us do, but not all. Sometimes people get stoners mixed up with hippies. I’m not a hippy and I regularly mow the lawn and do the pruning. Do I get a little lazy in the winter? Of course, I do. But, that’s all women, not just stoner girls.

We’re bisexual

This one is an internet rumor and I can confirm it’s false. How do I know? Because I am bisexual and only hang out with stoner girls. I consider myself very attractive, but most stoner girls I run with, aren’t into girls, as far as sex is concerned.

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We have trouble finding employment

Although this is mostly true due to drug tests being so common in the workplace, my friends and I have never had problems making money. I know a few stoner girls who work at a dispensary, some are cashiers at retail stores and supermarkets and some of them, (mainly in the illegal areas), deal weed. Making money? Never a problem for stoner girls.

We expect our partners to buy our weed

The stoner mentality is this: If you have weed, you share it with your partner/ friends. If you don’t have weed, your partner/ friends share it with you. It’s a super simple process.

We hate the establishment

Not true. We’re trying to change the establishment’s views on marijuana in society, since people’s minds have been poisoned for so long with myths and outright lies concerning marijuana. You can’t change anything you hate. You don’t have to like it, but hating is not going to make a positive change.

We don’t bathe

Once again, another myth provided by the people who have looked at pictures of the original Woodstock Festival in 1969, showing people covered in mud. Woodstock ran for 3 days. If you stayed for the whole event, you probably stunk a little. There were no showers. Me? I shower daily and twice a day in the summer or when I have something special to do. My girlfriends shower regularly as well.

We all eat breakfast cereal when we’re stoned

I do, but a lot of my girlfriends are into healthier options. Since weed is widely known for giving people the munchies, people assume that anything quick or easy to prepare is all we eat. I don’t go as overboard as I used to, but I fucking love my Capn’ Crunch with Crunchberries and my Lucky Charms.

We all have pot leaf tattoos

I don’t have any ink. It doesn’t mean I’m anti-tattoo, it means I’m scared of needles. My best friend has a tattoo of a pot leaf on her pubic bone that looks awesome. It’s hidden at the beach and of course, from her parents and relatives, but it looks fucking cool. Most of my stoner girl friends who have  tattoos don’t have pot leaves. You don’t have to advertise the fact you’re a stoner girl. As long as you know, that’s all that counts.

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Thanks for reading.

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