Let’s Flash Everyone!

Kitty is chillaxin’

NSFW Links for Monday, August 31, 2015

I’m Looking for the Underwear Section

Will you buy me another drink?

Ass DuJour

This is worse than texting while driving

She won’t wait long for a ride

Do you have a shoe that will fit this?


Accordion lessons, anyone?

Check out Larry the fucking Cable Guy


LOL the Old Man in the background

It’s Kick a Ginger Day!

Double Boobage

Pay Attention to Me!

Beginning September 7,2015, Prettywasted Updates Once a Week!

Sisi-Love for Prettywasted.com

Look for HUGE Monday Link Updates

Beginning in September, Prettywasted.com will be updating once a week with a HUGE list of off the wall links guaranteed to last you ALL week long. So, instead of 3 or 4 nsfw link updates, you’ll be getting one HUGE list. The new HUGE links list will be published every Monday.

The only exception to weekly updates will be the Prettywasted Models who will be published whenever they send content.

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Pantsed in Public and Naked Outside

Prettywasted Model Thade
Naked Outside with Thade

August 28, 2015 NSFW Links

How Appropriate

The guy in the back LOL


The Lie Detector has determined

She came undone

Naked in the Camera Dept.








Pantsed in Public

Naked and Afraid

Locked out in the snow

Follow the Yellow Brick Road

Let’s Make Out

Holy McShit!



NSFW Links for August 25, 2015

Thade Fett Sewerside Girls
Thade for Sewerside Girls

NSFW Links for Tuesday

This shit should be illegal

Branching Out

This woman is Bionic

Here’s what your grandmother was knitting

Don’t look! I just peed myself.

This is so wrong

Air Humping

Accordion lessons, anyone?

The Funniest Model Set of All Time

And she can cook, too!

Holy shit! Only $2.75 for Nachos? Count me in!

Wish I had a pellet gun!



NSFW Links for August 21, 2015

Luna the Great Moon Goddess
Classic Luna (and Bert)


Not Safe for Work Links for Friday

Now Hiring

It sounds like true love to me

Selena Gomez

Please tell me this is a joke

Let me take a Pikachu

I like Subway’s new Spokesperson


Yay! A Comic Book Collector

Must be a Tractor Pull in town

Now you see it……….

I’m prejudiced against Orange People

Trampy Stampy

Luna Gets Naked

Photo owned by Luna the Great Moon Goddess and not this website

Thade: Stormtrooper

Hotness: Thy name is Thade

Thade’s Latest Baddassery

There is no other way to say it. Thade is baddassery. Since I’ve been following her career, I’ve seen literally hundreds of hot photo sets and she never disappoints. This is why I make it our goal to show every Thade-related photo I can get my hands on. She, (like our other dedicated models) has been more than generous sharing her photos with her fans and our visitors.

There are thousands upon thousands of models out there, but not many as cool as Thade.

We LOVE you, Thade!

NSFW Sexy, Funny Links for August 18, 2015

Luna-Ball Gag
“Lady, Have you seen my ball?” (PW Model: Luna)

Your NSFW Links for Tuesday

Fuck the Police in Russia

Was Goatse one of our Founding Fathers?

Kiss Me You Naked Fool!


I Could Watch This All Day

Caution: White Girl Dancing

The New Fall Fashion

Aisle D

Pink Top-No Bottom

Has Anyone Seen My Ball?

Holy Shit!

I’m Sick of this Shit!





Follow That Tumblr: Mooning 24/7

Mooning Indoors
Indoor Mooning

Follow that Tumblr: Mooning 24/7

Mooning on Tumblr
Some of what Mooning 24/7 has to offer

Mooning is what life is all about

Mooning is awesome. It should be a worldwide Olympic event. On second thought, maybe not worldwide, because I’m sure Brazil would most-likely bring in the gold most of the time.

Mooning is fun for the simple fact that anyone can do it at anytime. It doesn’t matter if you are young or old, fat or  skinny, inked, pimpled or even dented. Everyone loves a great moon. That’s pretty much all the Mooning 24/7 blog on Tumblr is all about and that’s just fine with me.

If you’re like me, you want to see mooning 4 hours a day and 7 days a week. I have good news for you. It is possible. Here’s how to do it.

Mooning at the Beach
Mooning should be an Olympic sport

How to Moon 24/7 for at least a year!

1.) Prepay your internet (or cell phone) bill at least a year in advance.

2.) Buy enough food, weed and beer to last you a year.

3.) Call your boss and quit your job. 24/7 mooning will require all your attention.

After you follow these steps, click the mooning link below and start viewing. You’re welcome!

Mooning on a bike
Mooning while Driving

Mooning 24/7 

Mooning 24/7 on Tumblr has earned itself a Prettywasted Rating of 7.5/10 for pure mooning awesomeness. Visit it right now!

NOTE: Photos used for this article are from Mooning 24/7 on Tumblr

Sexy Topless Selfies from Sisi-Love!

topless selfiesSexy, Topless Selfies from Sisi-Love

Maine’s Sisi Love is one of the HUGE reasons I love this site as much as I do. She takes incredibly sexy selfies as you can see and even more so, this time, as these were taken outside! Why can’t I be the guy driving down the street when hot women are taking topless selfies in public?

Sisi Love is a valuable asset to Prettywasted.com-now you know why! Hopefully we’ll see more of this beauty before the leaves start hitting the ground.

Your comments are welcome below.



Funny, Sexy, NSFW Links for August 12, 2015


Sisi Love shows off the goods for Prettywasted.com (Gallery coming soon!)

Your NSFW Links for Wednesday

I Love America

Are Those Honey Blossoms?

That’s the Ugliest Miniskirt I’ve Ever Seen

Is this the Natural Sciences Section?

How’s the water?

Booty Du’ Jour

Dads of Walmart

One of my Favorite Vines


I Gotta Whole Bunch of Money

Pancake Art

This Guy was a True Genius

NSFW Links for August 11, 2015

got milk

Your Crazy, Sexy, NSFW Links for Tuesday

Chanel Flash

They must have sand in their cracks

Bunch of Corn Suckers

Guarded and Unguarded

4 Moons? Must be Werewolves in the area

I bet you could get pulled over for this

Answer this

You Had One Job!

Hi! I’m here for my job interview!

Welcome to Tinder. I’ll be your guide!

I didn’t want to LOL, but I did

Deodorant must not have been invented in 1920