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Luna is Everyone’s Favorite Ho! Ho! Ho!


Luna the Great Moon Godess Christmas 2

Luna the Great Moon Goddess Christmas 3

Luna is the Ultimate Ho! Ho! Ho!

Out doing your annual Black Friday shopping this morning? Keep an eye out for Luna the GreatMoon Goddess. If you spot her and get a photo with her, we will pay your entire Black Friday shopping bill!

Ok, we won’t do that. It’s a lie. But if you do spot Luna shopping today and get a photo with her, you will have something that 99.99% of the US population doesn’t have, (including me) a selfie with the queen of the internet herself.

The black booted, plaid miniskirt wearing, hat adorned and blinged out Moon Goddess was awsome enough to send these photos to us on Thanksgiving Day for placement on for Black Friday! Enjoy!

Buy Luna Some Christmas Swag

It’s widely known that buying something for Luna from her Amazon Wishist will get you more than the satisfaction of spending your money on a hot blond. It will get you FREE pictures of Luna sent directly to your email of her wearing (or holding) the item you bought her. Pretty fucking, cool! No?

Buy Luna Some Swag

After you purchase something for the Great Moon Goddess, do yourself another favor and visit Luna’s Personal Collection of her greatest pics ever! Classic pics from the 80’s till the present. Don’t miss it! It’s FREE!

Luna’s Photo Collection

MORE Luna Coming Soon!

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Happy Thanksgiving From Arsenic Arson

Arsenic Arson Shirt Open



Happy Thanksgiving Everyone!

Arsenic Arson shows us at least two things we should be thankful for this year. Well, she almost shows us, but I have a pretty good idea of what’s hiding behind that handbra.

From the clue given in the final photo, I’m hopeful that if we feed her, she’ll be so grateful she’ll gladly show us her boobs. It’s a longshot, but it’s a chance I’m willing to take.

Here’s what I’m going to do:

I’m going to load my car with a complete Thanksgiving dinner. Turkey, mashed potatoes, vegetables, desserts, etc. and I’m heading down to central Florida right now. If I drive straight, with no sleep and no bathroom breaks, (I can hold it a really long time) and keep my speed above 70,  I can be there in 24 hours and then come back with lots of Arsenic Arson boob pics for all her fans.

Don’t thank me. You’d do it for me, wouldn’t you?

Until I get back, be sure to visit Arsenic Arson’s website right now.

Buy Something for Arsenic Arson

Christmas is on the way and it’s Arsenic Arson’s birthday in a couple of weeks. If you buy her something from her Amazon Wishlist, she will DEFINITELY send you pics of her wearing, (or holding) the item. Buy her something nice, you cheap pricks.

Arsenic Arson’s Wishlist






5 Hottest Stoner Girls on Tumblr November 2015

The Queen of Highness: Nancy Botwin


5 Hottest Stoner Girls on Tumblr November 2015

Ok, Ok! I know you’ve been asking me for a long time and I finally delivered. My personal Top 5 Stoner Girl Tumblr Blogs for November, 2015. Expect 5 new stoner girls each and every month. Here they are in no particular order, since I’m stoned, myself.

Cummy Eyelids





Want me to check out your Stoner Girl blog on Tumblr and list it here, where some of the biggest potheads hang out? Fill out the form below and send it to me, NOW!



Your Fan Signs Needed

fan signsGet Creative and Get Noticed

Send us a fan sign and get your face (and whatever other body parts you’re showing) on this website. We’ll link back to your Tumblr, Facebook, Instagram, etc., in exchange for your fan pic.

The rules? You must be 18 or older and take a clear photo with our website name on it. Pictures may be from both females and males and must be non nude.

Email us your pic and get some exposure today!


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Sisi Love is Topless Just for You


Sisi-Love Topless 8

sisi-love topless 5

sisi-love topless 9

This Holiday Season, We’re Extremely Thankful for Sisi-Love

Sisi-Love has been racking up mad hits here on due to her amazing selfies, her love for her extremely loyal fans and just being an overall cool-assed person.

The Maine model has been spending her time chilling (literally) in front of her phone taking the hottest selfies we’ve ever had on this site. I’m hoping when the snow finally hits this year, she’ll be spending more time in front of the fire, taking the hottest pics for her favorite website.

I’ve got MORE Sisi-Love on the way. In the meantime, show the girl some love. She’s more than deserving!


Got a comment for Sisi-Love? Click Here

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Is Bush Back in Style? Yes or No?

v-pwShave It or Leave It?

by Marie M. for

I was out with a group of friends on Friday evening and after a couple of martinis, my friend Becca, brought up the fact that she was a little irritated down there because her pubic hair was growing back and it was getting itchy. Her admission was so matter of fact that we (a table of five women and 2 men), broke out in uproarious laughter. But it led to a discussion that lasted at least a half an hour. Pussy hair. Should it exist, or should it be eradicated? Opinions definitely vary.

A Short History of Pubic Hair

According to Wikipedia, women were known to remove their pubic hair as early as the 1450’s, not only for reasons of hygiene, but to combat (ugh!) pubic lice. In fact, pubic hair removal in India, dates back to 4000-3000 BC. Removal of pubic hair in modern women began after the AIDS scare in the mid 1980’s. Women would shave their pubic hair to prove they had no sexually transmitted diseases. This trend caught on and some producers of adult films even required it in their movies. Their reason? Shaved bush looked better on camera. (If you’ve ever seen an X-Rated film from the 1970’s, you’ll know what I’m talking about.) Shaved bush has been popular ever since.


Our Modern Day Shaved Bush Discussion

My findings at our bush debate revealed that the shaving (or waxing) of pubic hair depended on many social and personal factors.

My personal preference is complete removal. Why? I feel sexier without it. Hair growth tends to remind me of men. I’m a woman, in my early 30’s. I like to feel like a woman.

The two gentlemen in the group, Bill, (in his 40’s) and Cooper (in his mid 20’s) each had their own opinions. Bill doesn’t give a shit about pubic hair. He can take it or leave it. His current girlfriend had been pro-removal, but after finding out that Bill didn’t regard pubic hair as sexy or not sexy, she let it grow wild. Bill still didn’t give a shit.  “I could use a weedwhacker on her.,” he said. “But, in the grand scheme of things, there are bigger battles I choose to fight.”

Cooper, on the other hand, thinks that pussy hair is revolting. “It’s disgusting. It’s unsightly and a complete turn off.” Cooper votes full removal, but admits that every woman he has dated has been either shaved or waxed. “I’ve only seen a hairy vagina in porn or photos”, he said. “Never in real life.”

The Ladies Speak About Pubic Hair

“I let it go to hell in the winter”, admits Becca, a 30 year old married woman with 2 children. “My husband prefers it gone and I do, as well. But when it starts getting cold out, it grows free until Spring.”

Carole is 51 and thinks she’s too old for the discussion, but she did say. “When I was single, it was trimmed and neat. Now that I’m married with grown children, I have to admit I don’t pay much attention to growth any longer. “An occassional trim with scissors and I’m good to go. Except for the beach, of course”

waxed vagina
Female abdomen frontal view” by Peter Klashorst 

Concettia is from Brazil and celebrates her 28th birthday in just a couple of weeks. She simply said, “I’m from Brazil. What way do you think I’m voting?”

And finally, my supervisor at work, MaryAnne who, now in her mid 60’s is divorced and dating again, had this to say. “I was married for 30 years and I admit, (like most women) I got lazy when it came to vaginal primping. Now that I’m out there again, It’s completely gone and ready for action. Besides, gray pubic hair is probably the biggest turn off I’ve witnessed.”

How Do You Feel?

Ok, Prettywasted Fans. It’s your turn. How do you feel about vaginal hair? Are you pro, against, or do you just not care?

Click Here to Comment



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Classic Shower Selfies from Arsenic Arson

Arsenic Arson Shower 1

Arsenic Arson Shower 2

Arsenic Arson Shower 3

Arsenic Arson Shower 4

Arsenic Arson Shower 5

Arsenic Arson Shower 6

Arsenic Arson Shower 7

Classic Arsenic Arson Selfies from 2010

These classic Arsenic Arson photos are from a shoot she did for in 2010. The now 25 year old Florida model still shoots for us and also sells custom photo content to the general public at her website. Click below.

Special Offer: Buy something from Arsenic Arson’s Amazon Wishlist and receive FREE custom photos of her wearing it, just for you!

Arsenic Arson’s Amazon Wishlist

More classic photo sets soon!


NOTICE: These photos are the property of and are NOT to be published elsewhere without permission from the publisher.
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Our Top Favorite Bottomless Links

cropped-7735-1024x453Luna the Great Moon Goddess : Showing Off Her Amazing Moon

Our TOP Favorite Bottomless Links

Regular Unleaded Moon

Morning Mooning

Winter Moon

Summer Moons

Selfie moon

Bitchy Moon

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Rapid Fire Moon

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Garage Door Moon

College Moon

Back Deck Moon

What’s Under Here Moon?

Subway Moon

Private Moon


Arsenic Arson’s  Awesome Moon for

Balcony Moon

Awesome Moon

Car Moon

Tongue Moon

Crouching Moon

Mooning Contest

Nightclub Moon

Spider Moon

Kitchen Moon

Window Moon

Nicest Moon of the Week Award

Tan Lines Moon

Blond Moon

Skating Moon

Living Room Moon


Jiggly Moon

None of the content on this page (with the exception of Arsenic Arson and Luna the Great Moon Goddess) is owned by this webiste. All links were active at the time of publication, but due to the nature of links, they may or may not be active when clicked.

The Top 3 Reasons Girls Friend Zone You

friendzone girlDo You Always End Up in the Friend Zone?

If you’ve been in the friend zone more times than you can possibly count, you’re doing something wrong! My guess is, you’ve been using one of the 3 attraction killers that make women automatically drop you in the FZ and keep you there forever, with no hope of ever escaping.

Why Do Girls Friend Zone You?

Girls don’t intentionally friend-zone guys. Guys do it to themselves-and they do it over and over and over again. A man’s worst enemy is himself. If you keep repeating the same mistakes, you’re going to get the exact same results. It’s time to change that shit.

How Do You Get Friend Zoned?

The REAL reason you end up in the friend zone is you appear  too needy. Women are turned off by needy guys. Have you ever seen a girl with a puppy? They shower them with love and attention. A puppy is a tiny creature and craves constant attention. If girls are feeling that way about you, you’re going to get friend-zoned evey single time. Guaranteed. You’re not a cute, little puppy. STOP acting like one!

The Three Attraction Killers

So, How do you get yourself from becoming friend-zoned when you meet a new girl, if you don’t know what you’re doing wrong in the first place? Click the link below and learn the 3 BIG MISTAKES you’re making with girls you’ve been meeting. Stop getting friend-zoned, now!

The THREE Mistakes You’re Making That Are Getting You Friend-Zoned!




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Thade Fett: Gotham’s Finest






Thade Sends Out Her Bat Signal

(Special thanks to Cully and Angela for the killer photos!)



12226742_10206338996567630_1078710102_n (1)

12226869_10206338996407626_1303508029_n (1)





12231659_10206338997647657_765957633_n (1)

12233234_10206338997727659_1881743737_n 12233384_10206338997807661_309957466_n



Sleep Safely Gotham City

Our own Dark Knight, Thade, keeps the streets of Gotham safe from crime and evil-doers by fighting the villians with a combination of fighting skills and female influence.

Our favorite Geek Girl, Thade, has not only been busy battling the Riddler, Penguin and the Joker, but a model has to make time to be hot in front of the camera, no? Fortunately, for her PW fans, Thade was able to take some much needed (and wanted)  pictures in between bringing the bad guys to justice.


Thade: 1

Christian Bale: 0 

Look for more Thade right here, on your favorite website,


Thade's photos belong to Thade/and-or her photographer and are not the property of this site.The photos are watermarked to discourage hotlinking.



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What Happens When You Steal a Co-Worker’s Lunch



True Tales of Revenge

The Case of the Disappearing Sandwich

by Anonymous

“I’m the type of guy who would give you the shirt off my back if you needed it. I always try to do the right thing where other people are concerned. Although this incident happened many years ago, I wonder today if I went too far in the revenge. I think about it once in awhile and although I would never think of doing something like that now, it still brings a smile to my face.”- Anonymous Submitter, Age 42, USA.

When I was in college, I had a part time job at a department store in town. This was in the days before Walmarts and Targets were on every street corner. It was a  fun job and there were some very nice people who worked there, but being a shy, awkward guy of 19, I often got taken advantage of.

Why I Wanted Revenge

I lived with my mom in a 2 bedroom house  in town. She was an amazing woman and a great cook. She always made sure I was well fed. My favorite was her “Day After Meatloaf” sandwiches. I brought them for lunch whenever she made meatloaf. Funny, I was never a hot Meatloaf fan, but I always enjoyed it cold in a sandwich. I used to douse it with garlic powder. I know that doesn’t sound all that appetizing to most of you, but I didn’t have a girlfriend, wasn’t expecting one anytime soon and I didn’t give a shit what my co-workers and customers thought of my breath. I did chew gum, afterwards.

At work, there was an assistant manager that was the biggest asshole on the face of the earth. His name was Kyle. I won’t mention his last name, because if he’s still alive he would probably sue me. Kyle ran most of my shifts and even though he was only a couple of years older than me, he was my boss and made me do all the shitty jobs. One night someone pooped all over one of the men’s room stalls and although there were three other guys on the floor that evening. I was the one called to clean it up. My shyness (and not so good looks) made me an easy target for bullies.I was used to it, but this guy was going too far. One night I got fed up with Kyle’s shit (literally) and on the following Monday, I stopped by to see the store manager and made a complaint. He knew Kyle was an asshole and he told me not to worry anymore. He would take care of it. Which he did.

I Hated That Asswipe





BobbyRio_TurnOn_300x250s004 (2)


Kyle left me alone from that point on. But, he would give me dirty looks and he told everyone in the store that I was a rat and had gone to the boss to complain. My co-workers stopped speaking to me, because they feared getting a spot on Kyle’s shit list and didn’t want any trouble.

I noticed the first lunch missing on Friday.

We had a refrigerator in the employee lounge (which was a 12×12 room, with a fridge, a rusty sink, a sparking microwave and a Coke machine that stole every other quarter) and although it always had an odor from the depths of Hell, was the only place to keep your lunch or dinner cold, while you slaved away on the sales floor.

It was 6:05pm when I punched out for lunch and I was starving. I walked into the lounge and directly to the fridge and held my breath, (it had become a habit), so I wouldn’t smell the foul odor, and started looking through the dozen or so brown paper bags for my lunch. It wasn’t there.

WTF? It was there 3 hours before when I came in, it couldn’t have disappeared. Had someone taken it by mistake? Had someone taken it on purpose? If you’ve ever worked retail, it could be either scenario,

It Happened Again

After 3 more sandwich thefts and attempts at threatening my co-workers by hanging “Don’t Steal My Lunch” signs on the fridge, I had finally had it. I had to do something to catch the lunch thief. Mine was the only one missing.


Revenge is Mine


I Made My Own Meatloaf Sandwich

As much as I loved Mom’s famous meatloaf sandwiches, I knew I couldn’t bring them to work anymore and leave them in the fridge, until the Lunch Bandit was caught. After speaking to a couple of friends to get their revenge ideas, I decided to go with my friend, Zack’s idea.

His idea for revenge?

I make my own sandwich.

It’s a little gross, so if you’re eating, you may want to click away now. You’ve been warned.

1 old Tupperware container

1 stick from a tree in the yard

10 tbsp. garlic powder


4 leaves of Iceburg lettuce

1 large deli roll

1 plastic sandwich bag


Drop your pants, squat over the old Tupperware container and shit liberally

Add the garlic salt. (takes away the smell)

Stir and mix well with the stick.

Apply generously to one side of large deli roll

Cover with ketchup

Place lettuce on top of everything

Top off with top half of roll

Place in plastic sandwich bag.

The Payoff

It was another Saturday and I went off to work with my revenge lunch-and a smile.

When I arrived at work, I punched in and headed directly to the lounge to put my lunch away. I was shaking, I was so nervous. I had never done anything like this before in my life.

There it was. Top shelf to the right, next to someone’s leftover spaghetti and marinara. My name showing prominently on the bag in black marker.

I was scheduled to punch out for lunch at 7pm that night. I couldn’t wait! Turns out, I didn’t wait long.

A Shitty Thing to Do!

About 5pm, I was up at the front of the store stocking the candy bar display. All of a sudden, one of the cashiers went running towards the back of the store. As she ran past me, she grabbled me by the arm, almost pulling me with her and said, “Something’s up in the break room. I gotta check it out!”

Could it be? Had someone, perhaps eaten the forbidden fruit?

There was a small crowd gathered at the break room door by the time I got back there. Even though I had a good idea of what happen, had someone eaten my lunch, I wasn’t prepared for exactly what I saw.

The Crime Scene

The sandwich lay on top of one of the break room tables, with the neatly unfolded plastic wrap beneath it. One clean, (and quite large) bite had been taken of the sandwich.

Directly below the table, was a chair that had turned over. It was laying in a large pool of puke. Next to the large pool of puke were several smaller puke puddles. I’m no detective, but if I had to make a guess, I would say that somone had gotten sick.


Sandwich Thief Caught

It was at that point that one of the stock kids came to the lounge and yelled out, “Kyle’s really sick. He’s in the men’s room covered in puke!”

Before he could finish the sentence, one of the cashiers who had left her register to see what was going on in the break room, slapped her hand over her mouth and vomited into it. Everyone else ran out screaming, or just completely disgusted by what they had witnessed.

As much as Kyle was a piece of disgusting shit, I would have never believed an assistant manager would steal an employee’s sandwich.

The Aftermath

I never saw the store manager as upset as he was after having to come in to lock up the store on a Saturday night. Kyle had gone home sick. I never saw him after that. Word spread around that he was so embarrassed by projectile vomiting all over the break room, he couldn’t show his face in front of anyone. Rumors had also spread that someone had “spiked” Kyles sandwich with some kind of poison. If they only knew.

The mess? I cleaned it up with a couple of the stock kids and made sure I rewarded them with an extra 15 minutes on their break. I also cleverly made the lunch bag bearing my name disappear in the trash. No way this was going to come back on me. Kyle wasn’t going to say anything.

A week or so later, I was offered Kyle’s former job. It was a nice thing for the manager to do, but I was in school and this was a salaried position.

So, to end this tale, I will simply recite one very famous phrase that you should always remember.

“Don’t ever fuck with someone’s food.”





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5 Sex Secrets Men Need to Know About Women


Sex: Do Not Disturb
Photos by: Nevit

by Marie M. for

Hey Guys! “Psssst! Women have sexual secrets you should know about. It’s a good thing I can’t keep a secret. You’re welcome!

If you think, (even for a moment), you know everything there is to know about women, you’d be wrong. You may have the seduction issue under control, but there’s lots more to know about women than just how to get them into bed.

Are you ready for the stuff you probably don’t know about?

1.) We like porn, too!

Photo by WillVision

Over 50% of Women Surveyed Watch Porn on a Regular Basis

Surprised? Don’t be. It’s an entirely different world than when your parents were dating. There was porn than, too, but it was that raunchy VHS Beta porn with scratchy film, ugly actors and full-hairy bush growing wild on both sexes. Porn has changed and women have changed with it. Here are some facts from a survey published in the Daily Mail in the UK

  • Over half of women watch pornographic videos on their own
  • 9% of these say they watch porn everyday
  • Women generally favour soft porn (76%) or role play (47%)
  • Most women (96%) have watched with a partner and say it improves sex
  • Making home videos is an increasingly popular trend for couples

Porn is no longer the forbidden fruit hidden in that shoebox deep in the closet. It’s not the Playboy Magazines you found in the attic that belonged to your father. It’s out in the open. It’s bookmarked on your computer and it’s becoming more and more accepted by people, everywhere. Surprise!

That being said, there is a wide range of pornography available for every kink and taste. So, before you ask me if I’m interested in watching Pee on Me IV, make sure we’ve known each other for a couple of months.

I’m 32, single and I enjoy tasteful porn. It’s a regular part of,  not only my private time, but with select lovers.  My guess is your current girlfriend loves it, too. Why not ask her? You may be surprised at her answer.

2.) Ask us! We may just make your sexual fantasy come true.

vintage sex
Source: Wikimedia. This photo is in the public domain.

Want a Threesome? Ask us!

Everyone has a fantasy. If you’re anything like me, you have several of them. I was brought up in a pretty liberal thinking household where sex wasn’t a dirty word and if I had questions, I could ask either parent or older siblings. Sex is natural. We all do it, (whether or not we admit it) and sometimes we do weird or out of the realm of normal sexual acts. NEWS ALERT: It’s ok. Get with the program. You only get to ride the sex train for a short time in this life, so jump aboard, take off your clothing and have some fun.

Women know their men have sexual fantasties. We have our own. If you’re too shy, (or scared), to let us know what they are, how are we ever going to make them a reality?  I’m not telling you to call your girlfriend at work and ask her if she’s interested in a threesome with her hot girlfriend while she’s in an important business meeting with her client, but if you’ve been in a relationship with someone for over a year and you haven’t talked about each other’s fantasies, what the heck are you waiting for? We’re ready to listen. We may just be able to set up that hot threesome with our girlfriend. But, keep in mind…,we may ask for a threesome in return. Only with another guy. You’ve been warned.

3.) We fantasize about sex more than you.


Women have just as many fantasies as guys have.

When I was in my late teens my high school friends accused me of having mental issues, due to my constant discussions about sex. “Good girls don’t talk about it constantly!”, they would say. Guess what, kids? You were wrong. If you’re a woman in her 20’s and 30’s and you don’t think about sex all the time, there is probably something wrong with you.

Women fantasize. And it’s a good thing we do. It makes your sex life more interesting each time we get  together.

4.) We’ve probably done that before, but we’re not telling you.

Photo by: Vasalena

We may open up to you, sexually, but we may not be telling you everything.

Even though women ask that you be open and honest about your sexual past and fantasies, that doesn’t mean we are going to tell you everything we’ve done since sex became a part of our lives. Not by a long shot.


I try not to regret anything I’ve done in my sexual past. I like to look on it as a learning experience, but to be perfectly honest, there are a few dark sexual secrets that I will never tell anyone about. Is it guilt? Is it religious upbringing? Is it a morals issue? No. None of those. Let’s just say there have been sexual episodes in my past where when the next day rolled around, I began questioning my sanity. “Did I really fucking just do that?” and “What made me fucking do that last night?” I’m not the only women with sexual skeletons in her closet. Most of my friends have them, too.

Why won’t we share them with you?

The simple answer is we don’t like to be reminded of our sexual indiscretions. The other answer is, we don’t want to tell you for fear you will judge us as a person. You may lose respect for us. Women wish to remain mysterious. Remember that.

5.) The best sex is surprise sex.

Photo by: TwoWings

Secret: She really loves surprise sex

Girls LOVE surprise sex. It’s definitely in my top 5 list of favorite sexual activities. If your sex life isn’t constantly reinventing itself, it’s going to get boring extremely fast.

There is one person in everyone’s life (be patient if you haven’t met them yet), who you have had the best sex ever with. That one person you could perform any sex act with, at anytime and the sex was always worthy of an Oscar. In my early 20’s, that guy was Tommy.

I don’t think there wasn’t any sexual act that two people could do together that Tommy and I didn’t do. My favorite was surprise sex.

One time we were at his parents house for dinner and after the meal, he asked me if I would like to see the whole house? It was one of those old Victorian homes down south and had a million rooms and all sorts of hidden door and stuff. Very cool house. (Very Scooby Doo haunted mansion.) So, in the middle of touring the  third floor, he led me into a room, which was empty, except for a an old coffee table and a roll of duct tape. There was a single low watt bulb in the ceiling and the wallpaper was peeling off the walls. I’m not going into the details of what happened, but it was one of the best surprise sex episodes I’ve ever had and easily within my top 5 sexual experiences of all time. Want a better sex life? Give your gf surprise sex tonight

6.) How many sexual partners have I had? I may not tell you the real number.


In fact, I may deflate that number by 75% or MORE!

It happens in EVERY relationship. The dreaded number. And by number I mean the “How many people have you slept with before me?”  The fucking total. I’ll have to be honest here, gentlemen. Women HATE that fucking question and to be even more honest, every woman I’ve had this discussion with has LIED about the total.


It’s none of your fucking business. That’s why!

Everything that happened before you came along had nothing to do with you. It’s completely unfair for you to ask that question of a woman you’re dating.

Now, realizing that some women like to know the total number of past participants from their guys, I realize you feel you have the right to ask your girl what her total is.

You don’t.

High sexual numbers from your guy’s conquests make him look like a stud. High numbers from your girl make her look like a whore. We want you to think of us as whores in the bedroom. Not just plain old, everyday whores. Does that make sense?

Another reason we’ll never tell you our real total?

It’s because you’ll go all Dante from Clerks on us. And no woman needs that. 37 dicks. smh.



BobbyRio_TurnOn_300x250s004 (2)