Friday Booty Roundup

Another Friday is upon us and you know what that means! BOOTY! And plenty of it. Here is a small collection of the finest Grade A booty you will see all week,guaranteed! Enjoy!


How To Talk Her Into Having a Threesome

by Mike Rafone for What exactly is a threesome? So you want a threesome?  Join the fucking club. It’s the #1  sexual fantasy for men ages 18-35 according to Penthouse Magazine. The threesome, (sometimes called the menage a trois), involves 3 people having sex with…

hot dumb blond

5 Girls You Should Never Ever Hook Up With

by Joseph James (Photos by Arsenic Arson) It’s long been said (and is pretty much fact), that men are assholes and women are crazy. As long as we can agree on that, the two sexes should get along just fine and keep the human race…


Model Interviews: Chablis Answers 20 Questions and Shows You Her Boobs

Chablis Bares All (Well most of it) for her first Prettywasted interview by She’s hot, she’s blunt, she’s curvy and she’s hardly shy about taking off her clothes  in front of the camera. Oh and she’s really nice, too. I found her through the Deadbabe Models page…


Monday Tumblr Booty

I have the utmost respect for 28 year old, Tumblr blogger (and nude pic poster), Ft.Wayne Waitress. Spending all day on her feet and all night on her hands and knees is a tough gig, but just imagine opening the door at the end of…

great spookyboo butt shot

Saturday Tumblr Booty: SpookyBoo

It’s Saturday, so you know what that means. It’s time for another Tumblr Booty. This one, comes compliments of blogger, SpookyBoo.  She runs an awesome blog that you should be following so get on that right now, ok? C’mon! Take your eyes off her ass…


Prettywasted Hottie of the Week: Leila Hazlett

Leila Hazlett From now on, you’ll no longer be able to say you’ve never heard of Leila Hazlett. She’s one of our favorite internet hotties here on She’s an amazing model and besides being HOT, takes some really unique and unusual photos. (Some you’ll…

on the toilet

5 Places You Should NEVER Pop the Big Question

“Do you promise, to love honor and sweep out the trailer once in awhile?” Girls love it when we pop the question. There’s something really romantic and honorable about a guy getting down on one knee and proposing marriage to his one true love. If you’ve…