Luna: Hot Sauce!

12047569_1483777368616681_121885532_nLuna: Hot Sauce!

Remember when I mentioned a month ago, that Luna should be the new KFC spokesperson? I’m still campaigning for her, but her latest set set gave me another brilliant idea. Luna Hot Sauce!

Why didn’t I think of this earlier? It would be an instant hit. What guy wouldn’t buy a bottle of the world’s hottest sauce with that (pun intended) incredibly awesome  hottie on the label?

I know I would….



MORE Luna coming up this week! 

If you can’t wait, (and seriously, who could?), go and see Luna right now on her highly viewed LUNA FLICKR   and catch her latest and greatest photos! It’s all FREE!


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Nothing but Butts and Boobies Links


I LOVE Train Wreck! (for

Butts and Boobies Links for 10-5-15

She has a letter in her mailbox

This Lil’ Devil

Bathroom Boobies

Can I put these in bigger cups, please?

More colorful than a box of crayons

Drop em’!

If these were dropped they’d take out a small country

How’s that ice cream, Luna?

Gotta be the Molly

Booby Slip

Arsenic Arson Zombie

This is not for Halloween. Arsenic Arson  ALWAYS dresses this way!


Aww! Look at the cute bunny!

Topless Music

Grade A Ass

It’s nice and she knows it!


Private Mooning


Angel should be a Centerfold

Yoga Pants

7-11 Flash

Luna gets handcuffed

The Moon Goddess is bound and tied



Someone just left her at the side of the road

What was I saying?

Enjoying the view

Pretty Wasted

There’s bud on that butt

Should that be growing there?


One Lone Booby

Naked at Target

Thade for

Country Girl Thade for (Photo by Cully & Angela)


The top is down and her top is off!

Asses in the snow

God Save the Queen

The party is just beginning

Can’t miss this landing strip


Edge of the pool!

Fast Food Luna

Time for the party

Melissa Drew

sisi love for prettywasted

Sisi Love salutes the end of summer

Manual Transmission

Stupid Shithead

Check out this fucking rat

The only way to get a fucking waiter to the table

What aisle is this?

Are you sure there’s a bee on my ass?

Where the fuck have you been?

Save Money. Live Better at Walmart

The Conga Line

Hey there, Derpy!


Custom Model Photos from Arsenic Arson

Bloody Arsenic Arson

Custom Photos Available from

Arsenic Arson has been working for my website company since 2010, producing TONS of incredible, quality content for multiple sites, band posters,logos, personal collections and everything in between.

Arsenic gets bloody at her latest shoot! Hire her today!

Arsenic is available for freelance pics from her website, and can accomodate almost any content (btw, she loves working with blood) you need. Visit today and let her know you found her on


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Let’s Go Topless Links


“I didn’t hear you come in!”

Hot Topless Links 9-28-15

That Short Brunette in the Center Thinks She’s the Hottest!

America the Beautiful

She’s Hussy?

Anonymous: Some people don’t get it!

I love the Food Network

I have spots before my eyes

Nice entertainment center

Batman never looked so good

They should dust her for prints

Branch Manager

kitchen 013

Luna should be on the Food Network


Arsenic Arson

Outdoor Ass


This woman is a wonder

White Trash Jetsetter

And it wiggles


Milf x 3=

I LOVE Heather Graham

LOL the old guy


Sissy-Love getting pastie with it



I’ll take all 3

I think I’m in love

I’d take a shot at that


Moms Gone Wild


She’s too old for Jared

Hot Selfie

She Makes the Rockin’ World go Round

Target Booty


Thade: Sewerside Girls

Fast Times

She’s the Hulk!

It’s Windy!

Pat’s comes highly recommended

Jiggle, Jiggle!

Why are you lazy?

Me too!

Unbelieveable is right!

I can not lie

Bye Bye!


She’s got that, “Hurry up and take the picture, I have to pee!”, look.


Luna the Great Moon Goddess

Who’s Got the Better Booty?

What aisle is this in?


Thade Fans Only

WOW! Clorox is only $1.99

Don’t You Stick Out Your Tongue at Me!

It’s Magic!

She appears to favor the right one

Sold out concert

Follow That Tumblr: Boobs, Butts and Bodies

Thong Bikini

Boobs, Butts and Bodies on Tumblr

Follow That Tumblr: Boobs, Butts and Bodies

If you’re looking for a Tumblr to follow that delivers what it promises, be sure to check out Boobs, Butts and Bodies. It’s page after endless scrolling page of just that-Boobs, Butts and Bodies. All shapes, all sizes and all FREE.


Does this Tankini make me look fat?

Lots of Sexy Content

The Boobs, Butts and Bodies blog has a well thought out selection of boobs, butts and yes, bodies. LOTS of bikini, lingerie and thong pics that will satisfy even the hardest to satisfy web visitor. I didn’t notice any full nudity, but trust me, this blog is well worth following and we guarantee you won’t be disappointed in the content.

Nice Butt

What I Liked

Bsides the content, (we’re definitely butt fans here at PW), the endless scrolling feature is a more than welcome feature on this blog. Too many Tumblr operators have you clicking away to the next page, only to have to click again after you’ve seen 4 or 5 photos. This isn’t a hassle on a desktop or laptop, but on your cellphone (where 80% of your visitors will view your blog) it’s a real pain in the ass.

Bikini Babe

Lots of bikini babes on Boobs, Butts and Bodies

What I Didn’t Like

The bland, yawn-inducing, Tumblr free theme. This blog deserves better. However, it doesn’t affect the great photo content, especially on your cell.

The Verdict?

Love it! Go follow it today. There is absolutely no reason not to.

Boobs, Butts and Bodies

NOTE: All photo content used to review this site is from Boobs Butts and Bodies on Tumblr andNOT the property of

Naked Girls and Funny Links

"Don't you know how to knock?" (PW Model: Luna the Great Moon Goddess)

“Don’t you know how to knock?” (PW Model: Luna the Great Moon Goddess)

Your Hot, Naked, Topless Links for Monday, September 21, 2015

Accordion lessons, anyone?

Big Booty


Let’s Make Out

Nice belt


Why Cottonelle is King

It’s all about the, um,… never mind

Cooler weather is coming!

Drop and give me 20

This is the pits

arsenic arson vampire

Arsenic Arson for

Nice Lamp

Too Hot to Cover Up

Eating on the job!

Does she come with the couch?

Poker Face

Front and Back

There must have been a hat sale

Waiting for the Rave

Summer is almost over :(

I’ll take all 6, please!



I just refilled my Thade prescription (photo: Cully and Angela)

Your Grandfather was a lucky guy!

Thigh deep

Fall is definitely here

I LOVE Aella Girl

Will someone explain to me what this is?


“Ok, Who’s the asshole who put super glue on the fucking bar?”

On the way to the party!

I found Waldo’s Sister, Walda!

Window Shopping

Boobs on a Bedspread

Sisi Love: Boobs on a Bedspread

I Kissed a Girl and I Liked It!


This is the pits!

Raise your hands if you’re Sure!

Selena is chilly

She’ll probably ride for free!

Try the new McNaked

Damn! They have a Salsa Bar!

You Can Do It! We can Help!

Funniest thing I’ve seen all day!

Bouncing Behind

You are getting very sleeeeepy!


Can I return this? It’s all stretched out?

This girl gets all the beads

HURRY! Take the fucking picture!

Hey! Look at me! Look at me!

When you need fries, you don’t care what you’re wearing!

Safety First

Red Wine goes straight to my head

Are you gonna finish those tater tots?

I LOVE Baked Macaroni and Cheese

The Happiest Place on Earth!

Accordion lessons, anyone?

NOTE: is not responsible for (nor do we own) any of the photos you will see by clicking the provided links. We also don't guarantee they will work. Due to the nature of online links, they may change, be redirected, or be deleted without notice. ALL MODEL CONTENT ON PRETTYWASTEDIS OWNED BY THE MODEL/PHOTOGRAPHER, EXCLUSIVELY AND SIMPLY WATERMARKED TO DISCOURAGE HOTLINKING.





Follow That Tumblr: Hot Bikini Girl Blogs

too short

Does this champagne bottle make my ass look fat

Tumblr Blogs to Check Out NOW!

Be sure to check out these hot, sexy, bikini blogs as soon as possible! Page after page, after page of beautiful hot, sexy women in bikinis. What’s better than that? Absolutely nothing!

Nice Butts in Bikinis

Awesome view on the bay this morning

Boobs, Butts and Bodies

Bikini Model


Sweet Bikini

Model in Blue Bikini

Someone take my picture!

Because Bikini

Do you operate (or know of) a Tumblr blog or Facebook page we should recommend? Email PLEASE: NO PORN BLOGS


NOTE: None of the Tumblr Blogs listed on this site are run or operated by and are linked here for the benefit of our viewers. We also do NOT own any of the photo content, which is linked from the respective blogs.

Follow that Tumblr: Bums the Word

Bums the Word

The moon is out early tonight

Bums the Word is the Tumblr to Follow

We’re all about pointing our visitors in the direction of other great blog content on the net. That’s why our HUGE staff pours through the pages of Tumblr every couple of weeks to find you blogs you just may find fun and interesting. That’s where we found Bums the Word.

anonymous bum

Another anonymous Bum on Bums the Word

What I Liked About Bums the Word

Bums the Word is true to its name. It’s all bums, all the time. There are hot bums, not so hot bums, fat bums, skinny bums, perfect bums, and even a couple of stretchmarked bums. Basically, there’s a bum for everyone on this hilariously named Tumblr.

Outside bum walking down the street

Bums the Word Goes Outside

What I Didn’t Like

Viewing Bums the Word on my laptop was a bit of a, um, bummer. Only 8 photos per page are available for viewing before you have to manually click to go the next page of 8. Kind of a pain in the bum for the visitor used to endless scrolling on Tumblr.

Also, clicking on some of the full size pics will bring you to spammy porn sites which is kind of a shitty thing to do since Tumblr is a free blog and there doesn’t seem to be any exclusively owned bum content from the BTW owner. It’s not a blog killer, but they definitely lost points because of it. Also, it could be updated a little more often.

pants down booty

Pants down

The Verdict?

Bums the Word on Tumblr has earned itself a Prettywasted Rating of 5/10, but could be easily improved with just a few tweaks. Overall? A pretty cool bum blog.

Fresh out of the shower

Fresh out of the shower

Visit Bums the Word NOW!

Know of a great Tumblr blog (or Facebook page) we should be following? Email me now!

NOTE: All photo content used to review this site is from Bums the Word and NOT the property of

Topless Girls and Funny Links

Sisi-love topless

I love Sisi-Loves Cupcakes

Your Giant Topless and Naughty Link List

That’s one way to piss off your neighbors

This guy has the best 420 in the world

Whatever this protest is against, I agree!

I don’t know what it is, but I have a feeling I forgot something

This is something even grandma couldn’t sew back together

Football season is here!

Not the shortest I’ve seen, but pretty damn close!

Ok, so THESE are probably the shortest I’ve ever seen.

Tight Assed Fit

Must have shrunk in the washing machine

Thade is Hot!

Thade doing what Thade does: Being HOT!

She either really loves, or really hates that car!

Will you marry me?

This is very cool

Dancing during the Bush Era

Looks like the tide is coming in

Out for a hike

Careful! You’ll poke your eye out!

Don’t keep her out in the sun too long

YAY! She’s a Rolling Stones Fan

After a swim

Prettywasted's White Trash Beautiful

White Trash Beautiful for

Gotta Be Spring Break

Can’t tell if trying to look sexy, or seasick as fuck

This is what happens when you yell, “Shark!”

Get ready to tip a canoe

How to drink all night for free


Boobies in the Hallway

Who doesn’t love Debbie?

Hip Hip Hurray!

Dead on Velma

Luna-Sewerside Girls 3

Luna-Sewerside Girls

I Love Luna

Booty at the top of the stairs

Pretty Amazing

Kiss Me!

Can’t tell whether on purpose, or she needs a doctor

Aella Girl

Permanent Bra

Leila Hazlett: Hotter than Ever

Alt Boobies

These bottles are tough to open


Fedora for

Pajama Party

1975 was a good year

That’s quite a kiss

Lip Lock

More Debbie

Superglue to the face

Shannon Sky

Look what I caught in my net

I wonder if they’re real?

Wednesday and Pugsley Addams

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Thade: The Badass Tattoo Model Returns


Baddass Thade ROCKS (Photos by Cully & Angela)

Our HOTTEST Female Tattoo Model is Back!


Thade’s Baddassery is legendary on the internet. Naked, dressed, covered in beer bottles, Zombie Thade, Formal Thade, Bikini Thade and endless MORE! You would think I’ve seen it all-but I assure you, you’re wrong. Thade surprises, thrills and sometimes even shocks each time she’s in front of a camera. You never know what’s coming next. Just one of a million things that’s so fucking cool about her. I also consider Thade our hottest tattoo model!

MORE Thade coming soon!

Thade is available for custom photos. Email us for contact info

Photos are the property of Thade/Cully & Angela and not by this website. Photos are watermarked by the site to discourage theft.